Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jesus will help me...

certainly, right? I really feel like that is what Avery must have been thinking yesterday! We have been TRYING for weeks, perhaps even months to get Avery to understand potty training...and she really gets it- well, the concept anyway...she completely understands that the you pee pee in the potty and she has that down for the most part! The "other" she just can't grasp...or let's just say that she WON'T grasp it...she is red-headed, ya know! Yesterday we let her run around without a diaper b/c she just seems to get that there is nothing down there to catch whatever falls! So later in the morning she realized that she needed to poo, BUT she REFUSED!!! We made her sit there for 30 minutes and she just cried and cried REFUSING to do what needed to be done. So after much deliberation, we let her get up and placed a diaper on her bottom and put her to bed (it was her nap time, not for punishment!) She sleeps forever, and when Ray finally went in there to get her! He got her down and was loving on her and then all of a sudden she wanted down and went "to hide" I called for her and she slowly proceeded to make her way to me and immediately we smelled what she was up too! I looked at her and went through the same spell that we go through everytime
Me/Ray :"Where do you go poo poo?"
Avery: "in da potty"
Me/Ray: "why didn't you go to the potty?"
Avery: "Be-tause (or Because)"
Me/Ray: "Because WHY?"

Except yesterday in the middle of our "same ole" conversation...she could tell that I was very frustrated at her and she looked up at me in mid sentence and started whispering. "JE-JUS, JE-JUS" As if to say... I know you are mad...but remember Jesus...he forgives and forgets...Why can't you?!?!?!

My kids truly crack me up...and I love it that they are relying on JE-JUS to save them in the midst of there battles :)


faithlong112103 said...

So funny! We are about to tackle that battle here a few weeks once the baby has arrived and things have settled times!!!!

Ronni said...

that is priceless!!

The Neely Family said...

That is the sweetest least she has learned who to call on in the midst of crisis!! Precious! AND you know Jesus loved that!

Shannon said...

Ohh girl Maci did the same thing! That's so stinkin cute that she said that. Calm it down mom, Jesus is watching. I love it!!!!