Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our newest baby cousin...

and he is SO precious! Uncle Jay and Aunt Jenna decided to come home for the long Easter weekend as well, which meant we got to meet our 3 week old baby cousin!
The girls were SO excited and feel in love with him immediately! Thank you Jay and Jenna for coming down and allowing us to love on him! It did all of us good!

Easter weekend...

and we headed East! We went to MiMi and Grandfather's house for a long weekend and had a great time! we arrived Thursday night and stayed until Sat. afternoon! NayNay and Rowan came on Saturday, so the girls and Rowan stayed outside and played! Brenly was itching to get into the swimming pool...keep in mind they just opened it and the water is FREEZING!!

We also got to dye Easter Eggs and bake an Easter Bunny Cake!

SO thankful for our wonderful family! We are very blessed!

Spring is here...

which means that baseball is too! Brenly started her 1st season of "Coach Pitch" this year (last year was t-ball) and it has been interesting...She has decided that baseball is her 3rd favorite sport, behind basketball and soccer! I really just think that it has far too little action for her and she gets bored! :)
But she is trying her hardest and we are enjoying watching her!

Howdy Partner...

We were invited to a sweet friend's birthday party and had so much fun!
It was a "Jessie" (from Toy Story) party and Avery got to dress in her cowgirl gear! C had 2 horses there as well, So Avery got to be a real cowgirl and ride one! :)
We had a great time and are so thankful for sweet friends that we can celebrate!

ADPi Delta Upsilon 50th Celebration

In April, I got to attend a reunion for my college sorority! and what a fun time we had :) It's amazing that we can all go years without talking, yet the minute we see each other, its just like old times! As I am surrounded by all (okay some..not everyone chose to attend :( I am reminded how blessed I am to have so many friends from college...Many of these women helped shape me into the person I am today! I loved my college days and it was mainly because of all my sisters! God certainly directed my path during those days of Rush and I couldn't be more grateful that He placed me exactly where I was supposed to be! :)

I had LOTS of pictures of the whole event...but don't have time to upload them all!

A star is born...

...well, a Gym Star that is!! For Avery's birthday, MiMi and Grandfather promised that they would pay for a semester of gymnastics for Avery! We finally got her signed up for the crickets class and she was SO excited...well after we calmed her down from an emotional meltdown!!
KeKe decided that she was going to take us up there (as KeKe is well known at the gym from all of her cheerleaders!) While I was signing all the papers, KeKe took Avery in the gym and started talking to two of the coaches, who happened to be men! I could tell that Avery was acting weird, but just thought that she was being shy! We get back to the car and Avery starts crying hysterically...so much so that I thought maybe she had gotten hurt! FINALLY after asking some question, we got out of her that she was devastated that she was going to have a boy coach..she really wanted one of KeKe's girl cheerleaders to be her coach!! OH THE D-R-A-M-A!!! KeKe explained to her that she would more than likely have a girl coach and then she was fine! Does somebody want to go ahead and sign up to take her from 13-18 years of age?? :)
She has gymnastics once a week and she LOVES it...Here are a few pics of my Sassy superstar!

Sorry the picture quality isn't good...its through a window! :)
And her favorite...a Hello Kitty stamp for doing so good!