Thursday, August 25, 2011

FIRST day of 2nd grade!

I can't believe that I have a 2nd grader! The summer flew by and I can't believe that we are already back in the swing of school schedules! We prayed all summer that Bren would get placed exactly where God wanted her! And that prayer was answered! She got a teacher who is very rigid...she keeps them engaged ALL day at school with lots of work, homework every night (we already have our first PROJECT due on Monday) and Bren LOVES it!! She is my child that learns best when she is challenged and I believe that will not be a problem this year! We are continuing to pray that God will allow her to grow in her knowledge this year, as well as her ability to handle such a huge work load!


The weekend before Promotion Sunday at my church, we spent alot of time up there helping to get some new rooms ready! I happened to get involved in a very interesting project of painting our KidCity (children's church) backdrop! Elissa was in charge of the design itself, I was in charge of taping of all those precious squares ! It was C-R-A-Z-Y! Together, we decided which colors were going where and which squares were going to overlap each other! I absolutely love the way it turn out and I am so proud to say that I was able to help with it! I LOVE SERVING AT MY CHURCH!!

The Wednesday before school started back...I decided to use my day off to spend some time with the girls! We went to see "The Smurfs", The Pink Palace and do a little school shopping! I love making memories with them!

"girly girl" birthday party

Brenly and Avery were invited to a birthday party earlier this month! It was a girly girl, dress up, makeup, fashion show, slumber party!! If you know both of my girls, you will know that one of them was thrilled, while the other was less than thrilled! I was asked to come and take pictures of the event! We all went, one had a blast, one was a real good sport :)

They all got to make pillow cases!!

Avery in her "dress up" clothes! She LOVED every minute of it!

Instead of dress up, make up and fashion show..Bren found a headset and decided to be the emcee for the event! So glad she was a good sport about it all! I love my little tomboy! :)

Rainy, Summer Nights...

I just love a good summer rain shower (one that does NOT include tornadic activity) We decided to make the most of our night and make some memories (we only have #7000days, ya know!) I love these kids, being carefree, enjoying the weather that God was giving us, splashing in puddles, getting soaking wet...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Vacation-Captiva Island 2011

We LOVE Captiva Island!! The last time we were there was for our NayNay's wedding which was 3 years ago, so we were so excited to be able to go back this summer! However the family dynamic had changed quite a bit :) Instead of there being only 6 of us, there was now 12 of us! We enjoyed every second of our week and as all vacations go, it went by way too fast!