Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's my King!

They played this at church Sunday and I thought that it was awesome...I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! That's my King!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wisconsin, Renee and NKOTB...

..it was sooooo much fun...I don't have all the pictures but I promise to post them as soon as possible...We(Misty, Amber and I) left Wednesday morning at 6:00am to head north for Wisconsin... after we arrived in Champaign, Ill. we ate lunch and Amber decided that we needed to decorate the windows with paint...so we proceed to turn the car into a NKOTB car...it was my turn to take over the driving! I had been driving about an hour, when we got over a hill and who else would be siting at the bottom except a Illinois State trooper! I was exceeding the limit of speed by a few miles an hour, so we immediately saw the blue lights... I pulled over and waited for the results of the radar calculations...

After minutes of Officer Cepak (it was a female state trooper) running the tags she comes to the passengers side window and informed me that in fact I was speeding...She asks why we are in such a hurry and we inform her that we are needing to get to Milwaukee, WI. by 6:00 so that we will be able to get to the NKOTB concert on time...She smirks and heads back to her car...She comes back to the car and tell me that she is going to reduce my speed and only give me a warning ticket...I sign my warning and she says..."Okay, so I need to tell you about my NKOTB experience...So I went to a NKOTB concert when I was a teenager at the Illinois state fair..years ago...and I had been watching the bodyguard the whole time...as soon the bodyguard went to the opposite side of the stage, I took the opportunity to jump up on stage ( she informed us that she was 1 of only 2 people in history to make it on stage) and that after I had gotten up there the bodyguard brought me down by my eye sockets...And I got kicked out of the fair!" We were laughing SOOOO hard because only because of our painted windows, did she even let us out of our ticket...She said...I will give you this ticket, but i need to let you go so that you will make it to the concert...Be sure to try to make it on stage and I will try to stop you on the way back to see exactly how fun it was! So thank you Officer Cepak in Illinois for letting us out of a speeding ticket and letting us get to the concert on time...It was the best concert ever! More to come later on the actual concert! We got some GREAT pictures...I know that you can't wait for them...Continue to check back!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who do we love?

I must give a little background information to this post so that you will understand the "funny-ness" of it! Ray LOVES baseball and his favorite team is New York Yankees! Therefore "Boston Red Sox" is a very bad word at our house!
This weekend we were watching Sports Center (imagine that?!) and they were talking about Alabama Football...Brenly overheard them and screamed out, "Uncle Chad loves Alavama (Yes, she replaces the "b" with a "v"...therefore it is Alavama!) And I said, that is right...Who do we love? and she replied quickly with "TENNESSEE" and I said who else (thinking that she would say Texas...Ray was born in Texas and still has family members there, so if Texas is on..we watch them!) Instead she said "Tigers" (for my sweet precious momma!) and then I said, "Well, who else do we love?" and she yelled..."THE RED SOX!!!" Ray about had a heart attack in the living room and gave her a look, that if looks could kill... He quickly replied...NO, we DON'T LOVE THE RED SOX! SO now, she knows it gets under his skin, so she walks around talking about the Red Sox...It's hilarious!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "sweetest" surprise...

that I received from my Mother -in-law! It was tuesday and I had just cleaned Kristy's teeth...We were in my room and Glenda called up from the front and said that I had a package! SO FUN!!! However, you must realize that when I receive packages from my mother in law, they usually contain prizes for my children...not necessarily me! So I proceed to open the box and read the message and cried!

"In Memory of Brenda. She LOVED her chocolate covered strawberries...Plus, she gave me her daughter to care for. What an HONOR I have been given. I love you! MiMi"

Is that not the sweetest message ever! I must say that I have the most wonderful mother in law a girl could ever ask for...(and not just because I got a surprise this week!) It is absolutely the truth and I am the one that has been BLESSED by not just one wonderful mother...BUT TWO!
Now to the pics of the wonderful surprise I got...YUM!!!

P.S. I thought that I would share the goodness...I certainly didn't need all of those to myself! Plus they loved Momma D. as well!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Zoo Day with Bay..

lee that it (Baylee Caroline, my most precious niece!) After the pumpkin patch and the bowling party, we headed to the zoo to meet up with Chad, Ronni, Baylee and my dad...Friday was my dad's birthday, so we called to see if her wanted to join us for a day at the zoo! The weather was great (just a tad to hot) and the girls had LOTS of fun! Needless to say...we had a very busy day, and we were very tired at the end of it, BUT we had LOTS of fun!


After we left the pumpkin patch, the girls (Brenly and Maci) had a birthday party for Brandon (who is in their pre-school class) It was at the Bowling Alley and the girls had the best time "ballin"...No they didn't bowl, they balled :) Here are just a few pics from the party!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

with my little pun'kins...and we had a blast! Saturday morning the girls and I woke up (Ray had to work of course!) and headed to MS. Pop (Misty's grandfather) owns some land there and plants pumpkins every year. We were lucky enough to get to go this year. The girls had lots of fun, running around, picking pumpkins and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The precious pictures...

that we finally got made! My brother has been telling me for months (literally) that we need to go get the girls picture made...So after months, I finally made an appointment, got all of the logistics worked out, got the outfits...We were ready! On tuesday night we get to the picture place and I walk in...and the woman at the front says "Lightning hit the building and messed up the printer, so we will not be able to take your pictures today!" Are you kidding me...It has taken months to even get this appointment made (that part was my fault!) I had to make arrangements for Ronni to pick up the girls from the baby sitter, which is WAY out of the way for her, get them all dressed and ready to go...This was NOT good! So after a little while, they agreed to take the pictures and they would just have to call us when they could get them printed! Sounds like a plan...Brenly was smiling and ready...Avery started crying immediately, but eventually calmed down..but never got overly excited about the impending shoot...And Baylee got bless her sweet heart, just wanted to play with all of the fun stuff...she wanted no part of the sitting still part...so this is the final product!

My brother LOVES Alabama...We LOVE Tennessee (however I am sad to say that this season!) and Granny in heaven LOVED Memphis...which would explain all of the uniforms!

Sorry the quality isn't great...I had to take a picture of a picture because we didn't get the CD this time! But at least you get the idea!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mama's, Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...

Don't let play git'ars or ride them mo (them ole') trucks, jist let'em be doctors or lawyers or such....Okay so this has been Brenly's favorite song for the past several weeks...I have NO clue where she heard it... and even more how she memorized it...(I promise that we don't bust out Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings at our house...although Ray would prefer that we would!)So while we were at the beach...Brenly kept singing this song OVER and OVER...and she sings it with THE MOST COUNTRY ACCENT in the world! It is precious...but it is COUNTRY!!! Now to yesterday...we were driving to church and she had taken the headrest (from the passengers seat...she makes me take it off so that she can see through the front windshield...I don't know!!) ANYWAY, she had taken the headrest and was acting like it was a steering wheel...and said, "I'm driving a MO truck!" I quickly replied...A what kinda truck...and she said (as serious as she could!) "A MO truck!" I had absolutely NO clue what she was talking about and she could see that look in my eye...She said..."YOU KNOW...don't let play git'tars or ride them MO TRUCKS!" I busted out laughing! It was THE FUNNIEST thing that I have heard in a LONG time! And she wasn't even trying to be funny! So if you were wondering what kind of truck she drives...It's a MO TRUCK!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Granny in heaven...

is it really you?!?! Granny in heaven is my mom who passed away from breast cancer 9 years ago...After Brenly was born I wanted to make sure that she knew who my mom was and how special she was to me! So we would talk about granny in heaven all the time!! In fact when Brenly was about 3 years old...We were in the car..about 6 months after my uncle passed away from a massive heart attack..and this was our conversation in the car...
Brenly: Mommy, why is Gruncle (great uncle) sleeping on his bed in heaven?
ME: Because he is in heaven with Jesus...
Brenly: Why does his bed have flowers on it?
ME: Because they were pretty and we thought that Gruncle would like them & isn't it neat that Granny and Gruncle are getting to play together in heaven with Jesus?
Brenly: (very matter of factly) Granny isn't in heaven!!!
ME: yes, baby, she is in heaven with Gruncle and Jesus!
Brenly: NO MOMMY, she and Jesus are at my house...I SAW'D them...they are playing in my room!!!

YIKES...how awesome and mysterious all at the same time!!

So last week, we were at my brothers house for "my birthday" party and Baylee was walking across the living room...She looks straight up at "something" and starts having this serious conversation..with WHOMEVER it is that she sees...She then pauses as if she is listening to WHOMEVER and then nods her head as if she agrees!
After several minutes of talking ...she goes about her business...I looked at Chad and Ronni and he said that she has done this like 3-4 times...and he guarantees that it is mom that she is talking to!

So tonight after I emerged from my bedroom...We were sitting in the living room and Avery was sitting with Ray (Brenly had fallen asleep in my lap!) And Avery looked over the couch and audibly says “Granny” and then looks at Ray and I...Ray asks her again what she was saying and she said “Granny” Ray asked her where she was and she stands up on the couch and points toward the front door! We look at each other, wondering if she is really “seeing” Granny in heaven! Ray asked her to get down and show us where she was. Avery gets down, walks over by the kitchen table and just stands there and looks up!!!

Could it be that Brenda has come to visit all of her grandbabies within a month of each other!!!

CRAZY...but how neat if the girls really are getting a glimpse of the woman that I love so much!!

Granny, if it WAS you...know that we love you and we miss you...Come back more often! I know they love to see you!!

P.S. I don't believe in "ghosts" But I do believe in angels...AND I KNOW that my momma is one!


So this morning at 3:49am to be exact...I got woken out of a dead sleep to find out that I, TOO, had been bitten by the stomach bug!My insides had exploded! UUUGGGHHH! I haven't felt this horrible in a LONG time. Ray was good enough to take the girls to Denise's house..Brenly had school...and I honestly didn't think that I could take care of them in the state I was in! I have been in bed..literally all day long,UNLESS I was in the bathroom, which was quite alot for one day! Ray went to work and then came in at about 11:30ish to tell me that Brenly's school had called and she, TOO had contracted this NASTY virus! Misty and her sweet self, was kind enough to go get her from school until Ray could arrive (DEAR LORD...PLEASE don't let Misty or any of her family members get this yuckiness...she was just being a good best friend and helping us out! AMEN!) All of them got home and I was still out like a light! I FINALLY got out of bed at approx. 7:30pm and tried to eat a piece of toast (at this point I feel like I am going to throw up because I haven't had ANYTHING in my system all day!) It is now 9:35pm and I STILL don't feel right! Brenly finally went to bed after I applied some phenegren lotion on her arms...My fever has just broken because I am sweating like crazy...and now Ray is off to the bathroom...OH MY GOODNESS!! Lord, let this virus get away from us and everybody that we love!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The shortest lived virus...

that I have ever seen...And Praise the Lord for that! So Monday night we were a happy little family...Everyone ate, played, went to bed, slept through the night, etc... EVERYTHING was fine and dandy...Tuesday morning rolls around...and it is the usual routine, I get the kids out of bed at 6:20 (yes, they are still asleep because they have an hour drive ahead of them!) get them in their seats and away we go...Like every other workday for me! We had just left Whiteville and Avery starts coughing and throws up this "orange juice-like" consistency...very weird and afterward asked for her breakfast...So I give it to her and she falls asleep (without eating it!) We get on 385 and she start projectile vomiting and won't stop, gets choked on it and starts to turn a hint of blue (never good) So I pull over immediately and lean her forward to get all of it out of her throat...and it is EVERYWHERE...But then afterward...she is fine...No fever, no crankiness...So I get back in the car and continue on my drive to Denise's house and we were approx. 7 minutes from her house and she starts again...No one person should have THAT much in there body, esp. one that weighs 24lbs... SO I pull over for the third time and clean her up (Keep in mind that I HATE throw up!) and again afterward...she and Brenly start laughing together! I get to Denise's house and tell her what has transpired in the past hour! She tells me to leave her ( I have one patient at 8:15 and didn't have another until 9:45) and to call after my first patient! I call and she says that she has not STOPPED throwing up since I left..GREAT! So I cancel ALL of my patients and drive back to get her...call the doctors office and they give us an appointment! On the way to the doctor, she started AGAIN..that makes like 12 times that she had thrown up since 6:30..It was now 10:30! I took her in and the doctor listened to her belly and she said that it was ROLLIN...she told me that there is a real weird virus that is going around that literally only last for a couple of hours, but while you have it you are miserable! Dr. Cindy gave her some phenegren lotion to rub on her wrist, she took a nap in the car and we never had another problem!!! Now I just hope that Avery hasn't shared it with us! Pray that none of the rest of us get that monster of a virus! Is that just WEIRD?!?!?!

Short arms...

So Ray and Brenly went to Walmart the other day to get some milk, etc. They were checking out at thr register and Brenly spots "the Gripper" (a long metal device that allows you to pick up things at a distance...one of those "as seen on TV" specials) This is the conversation that follows...
Brenly: (very excited) Daddy you NEED to get one of those things...
Ray: (with his infamous "look") What in the world do I need that for?
Brenly (trying to make the sale) Um, so you can reach things far away!
Ray: (adament that he doesn't need it) No, Brenly I do NOT need that!
a few minutes pass by
Brenly: Okay, well I need it
Ray: Why in the world do you need it!
Brenly: (as serious as she can..and very matter of factly...HOLDING HER ARMS STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF HER) UUUMMMM, Heeellllloooo (very sassy like) Short arms!!!

Where in the world do these kids come up with this mess...and no they did NOT come home with "The Grippers"