Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't believe my baby...

is THREE years old today!!! And what a day we've had! We found out last night that (due to the snow) Brenly was out of school AGAIN! I woke up this morning knowing that I WOULD be going to work...however God had different plans...I got a call from my office manager saying that the doctor had called her and told us just to stay home! WHOO HOOO! I got to spend the day with both of my girls!
I was pretty excited about it! As soon as Brenly woke up, she was ready for Avery to open the present she got for her!

Then it was time for Avery to get dressed, so Avery got to open yet another present...

We (KeKe came over to celebrate the big day!) left and went to get my hair cut...met daddy at Hueys for lunch...went to Muddy's to get her birthday cupcakes (YUM!!)

Uncle Chad and Aunt Ronni called and wanted to take her out to eat for her birthday and so she picked Red Robin...

They sang and brought an ice cream sundae

Then after we got home...she got to open MORE pesents that Uncle J and Aunt Jenna sent...

(She got a changing table and diapers for her American Girl "Bitty Baby"...she was SOOO excited! Thanks Uncle J and Aunt Jenna!!!)

It has been a great day...Our lives have certainly been blessed by little Miss Avery Ray! I cannot imagine life without her! May God continue to bless her life as she blesses ours!

"I thank my God every time I remember you" Phillipians 1:3

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Snow Day...

and this one was VERY unexpected!! There was NO mention of ANY precipitation... and at 5:45 I received the Shelby County School phone call telling us that school was out! WHAT??? I immediately jumped out of bed to see the ground COVERED in snow...

I started with my morning workout, only to receive a phone call from my office manager telling me that we weren't going to work either! WHOO HOOO! Snow Day for the entire family! And we had lots of fun! As soon as Brenly started to stir...I went to her room and opened the shade so that she could see the 4 inches of "good" snow covering the ground! She was SOOOO excited and immediately wanted to get dressed to go play...and so we did..by 8:00, we were all dressed to get out in the snow!

We made snow angels...

had a snowball fight,

made a snow man,

ate snow (that was Avery's favorite :)

ate snowcream...the whole nine yards!
Thank you God for such an unexpected surprise...causing us to stop and realize how important it is to spend quality time with our children! What a great day!!

(Can you tell that Avery was over it by the end?)

A mountain retreat...

a month late...We were supposed to take this moutain getaway trip 2 days after Christmas...however because of my dad passing away we had to cancel it and they let us reschedule, and this just happened to be the weekend that it was scheduled for!!!
Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, and it was very wet and cold!

But that didn't stop us from having a great time...anytime that the whole family gets together we have lots of fun!

While we were there, we got to celebrate Avery's birthday (Her actual birthday is Tomorrow -the 9th!) with all the family!

She LOVED it! MiMi and Grandfather had gotten all this "princess" stuff and got her a highchair for her "bitty baby"!