Friday, October 29, 2010

No way to start our trip of a lifetime..

So the Friday before we leave for our trip to Disney World (we left on Sat EARLY morning!) I left work at lunchtime to go pick up Avery from the babysitter...When I get there, I noticed that she just didn't "look right" I ask the babysitter how she was feeling and she mentioned that they had played outside all morning, so she was probably pretty tired! We get to the car and I ask if she feels okay, she assures me that she is fine, but as a momma...I KNEW different!
I get back to work and clean my patients and go into our break room to check on her...She was red as a beet and her eyes were all glazed over. I quickly check her forehead and she was HOT AS FIRE! Panic sets in and I quickly call the pediatrician! I explain the situation and what a necessity it is that they see us, immediately! They understand and get my in to the LAST appointment on Friday. After arriving, they take her temperature and it is 103.5 :(

They start with a step test, and it came back negative. The doctor started to look her over and after a quick glance of the throat she knows exactly what the culprit is...HAND, FOOT and MOUTH disease! :(
It has a incubation period of 5 days and it just decided to rear its ugly head..THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE!
I asked the doctor how long this would last...She looked at me and told me that she will feel awful for the next 5 (that's right F-I-V-E) days...Keep in mind our trip is only 7 days...and then continued to inform me that it is VERY contagious and that another concern is that Brenly will more than likely to get it as well!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? After ALL these months of planning and now my sweet baby is going to be sick as a dog, THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE! I LOST it, right there in the doctor's office...
The Dr. was kind enough to give me an antibiotic (Hand, foot and mouth is a virus) but she felt like because her immune system was already down, that we MIGHT need it later...(Little did she know, she was RIGHT!! more on that later:)
I left feeling very discouraged and defeated...and immediately started a prayer chain, for reality had set in, and NO matter how much time and energy I had put into planning for this trip, God was still COMPLETELY in charge and now was the time for me to trust in HIS perfect plan!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Scavenger Hunt...

that led straight to Disney World...
After Dad was killed in a car accident on Christmas Day last year, we had to go through the motions of dealing with such an unexpected calls, Funeral plans, paperwork, etc...All of which are necessary but not so fun! A large dose of reality set in and we were once again reminded that we are not promised our next breath! We need to take EVERY single opportunity that we are given, not taking anything for granted! So in April Ray and I started talking about wanting to do something fun, out of the taking the girls to Disney World!!!!...We also said that if we planned it that we could NOT tell them until the very last minute (neither of my girls are very good with dates or timelines) to tell them that we were going...I then thought of doing a scavenger hunt to tell them the good news. I called KeKe, who is very creative and great at writing spur of the moments poems, and got her in on the deal...
After 6 LONG months of keeping my mouth shut, they finally found out on Wednesday!

More "Fall" fun..

Leslie and Dana are good friends of mine who have taken up the hobby of sewing...They have TRIED to get me to get into it, but it's just not my thing...Thankfully they wanted some more practice and so my children got some really cute CES clothes!

Cj and Avery...

were once "boyfriend and girlfriend" but she recently "breaked" him (in her own words) so now they are just the best of buddies!

Fall is here...

and so is the first football game of the season! :) I LOVE this time of year...we love walking up to the football game, hanging out with great friends and making lots of new memories!