Friday, October 23, 2009

To corrupt one is enough...

but to corrupt them both is NOT okay! I have written several times on here how my sweet and precious brother has conveniently caused my oldest daughter to turn her back on her Tennessee roots to cheer for his most favorite Alabama team!
Well, last night I was laying in bed with Avery (the innocent one, that I thought had been protected from my brother's influence) and we were saying our prayers...For the longest time we have done the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer, and I have recently tried to get them to come up with their own prayers. So I ask Avery what we needed to pray for and she said, Auntie, Maci, CJ, Ms. Monika, Samantha, Logan..and then said...hhhhmmmm, Mommy, we need to pray for Alavama (what in the world?) I reluctantly agreed and then she said, and we need to pray for the football team (Are you for real?) Keep in mind that we try to talk about Alabama football as little as possible (and why in the world would she chose to pray for Alavama football team on the exact weekend that they are playing Tennessee??)
So I will have you know, that I spent my sweet precious prayer time with my youngest..praying for the stinkin Alabama football team!
Why, dear Lord, must both of my children be traders and root for the WRONG team..but we pray for them no matter what !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun with the camera...

My girls LOVE to take pictures of each other...I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that they have had a camera in their face since the very first minute they were born. The other day, I was taking some fun pictures of them

and then they decided it was their turn to take pictures!

The flu...

and not just the regular ole flu! We got the opportunity to experience the SWINE FLU!!! Brenly got it first and was so gracious to pass it on to Avery! and they were pitiful...high fever, aches all over, really bad headache, queasy stomach (Brenly actually threw up once :( Before Avery got sick, her and KeKe went and got her two smiley face balloons and a get well card...Then MiMi and Grandfather found out that the babies were sick and so they got a surprise from them as well..

Brenly has the sweetest little friend in her class (Ashley) and because Brenly was sick, she was out of school for a whole week...Ashley (with some help from her sister Anna) made a get well card and had the whole class to sign it...and made her a treat bag (with Hot Tamales and fruit by the foot...isn't that a nice combination for one who is suffering the flu :)

The Jesus Painter

A few weeks ago, our church (Highpoint) celebrated its 7th anniversary! In honor of the event, the "Jesus Painter" came to paint 3 pictures of Jesus during each service...What amazing talent God has given him! He took a huge blank canvas and within 3-5 minutes, painted some of the most beautiful pictures of Jesus that I have ever seen! It was a new and different experience...and it honestly made worship more real and personal!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am so behind...

but life has been so hectic...since we moved back to the big city, I feel like life had flown by!! We are always busy, but man, has it been so nice to live right here in the heart of town, being able to do so much!
One of the advantages to being "in town" is that we were able to sign Brenly up for soccer and she has LOVED it! She is playing for First Baptist Church and her team happens to be the Wildcats (red and white, which just so happens to be the colors of her favorite football team, stinkin' Alabama!! :(
The first couple of games were interesting but it seems as the season continues, she really is catching on to what playing soccer is supposed to be like!
She is getting better with every game and we are loving watching our little soccer star!!