Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The flu...

and not just the regular ole flu! We got the opportunity to experience the SWINE FLU!!! Brenly got it first and was so gracious to pass it on to Avery! and they were pitiful...high fever, aches all over, really bad headache, queasy stomach (Brenly actually threw up once :( Before Avery got sick, her and KeKe went and got her two smiley face balloons and a get well card...Then MiMi and Grandfather found out that the babies were sick and so they got a surprise from them as well..

Brenly has the sweetest little friend in her class (Ashley) and because Brenly was sick, she was out of school for a whole week...Ashley (with some help from her sister Anna) made a get well card and had the whole class to sign it...and made her a treat bag (with Hot Tamales and fruit by the foot...isn't that a nice combination for one who is suffering the flu :)

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Misty LaDean said...

all those balloons! i will call you next time I am sick!