Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dad turns 50...

..and I don't even have alot of good pictures to prove it! (I'll blame that on the fact that I had only a couple hours of sleep due to Relay for Life the night before and barely knew my name, much less where my camera was...) Mom had planned a 50th birthday bash, full of lots of craw fish, Boston butts, banjo pickin, and friends...UNFORTUNATELY, I only got a few pictures from the event!
Dad know that we love you and are looking forward to 50 more!!

Know what 60 lbs of craw fish look like???

Friendly game of Cornhole....
Rowan checking out ALL those black things that are swimming around...
Our cousins from Atlanta came to join us for the party...Unfortunately I only got a picture of Lauren and not Lindsey (sorry) but we are so thankful that they made the trip to hang out with us!!
Avery thoroughly enjoying herself in the pool!
60 lbs of cooked craw fish! (really that was probably only the first batch!)
Uncle J and Aunt Jenna (minus baby James)
This was the guys hanging out at the craw fish table...

Relay for Life

Last weekend we had the opportunity to be a part of a Relay for Life team that my brother put together! Every team had to have a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society and if you know my brother at all, you know that he always goes ABOVE and BEYOND! He worked his magic and got a rock wall donated for the evening! We had a great time and stayed up most of the night (until about 5:00am) raised money for ACS, spent the night with good friends, and made some fun memories!

Bren's first try at the rock wall...she was frustrated at first but that didn't stop her, by the end of the night she had climbed to the top approx. 15 times :)

Avery and Baylee with "real" princesses
Team "Don't Quit"
Avery's first and only try at the rock wall..but she sure is cute hanging there! :)

We bought luminaries for a few of our favorite people...Our sweet and precious momma, who we miss more than anything..
When we signed up to get the rock wall, we had to have an attendant with it the whole night...turns out that God sent us a 20yo guy who had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and went into about 4 years we honored him as well!
our sweet Grandmama...
and our Grauntie, who is an ovarian cancer survivor!!
A little face paint for the little girls

Our team even made it to the 2nd round of the volleyball tournament...not bad for abunch of old folks!!
Robin making her way up the rock approx. 3:00 in the morning!
and away!!!
Avery still hanging in there at about 1:30am!!

Citizenship award!

As first grade came to a close...I volunteered to go to the school and help pack up Ms. Greene's room! I was so thankful that on this particular Wednesday I was there...Ms. Greene was passing out end of the year awards! She started out by giving an award to the hardest working dragon and then she proceeded to describe the next award...This award was going to a boy AND a girl...Both of these kids displayed qualities throughout the entire school year that made them a good friend (kind, compassionate, good listener, never had complaints about them) Ms. Greene went on to say that good grades were important, but award meant more than good grades, because it reflected their character which was outstanding...
Brenly and her very best buddy Ethan!!

Not only am I a proud parent, but also a proud Sunday School Teacher...I have taught both of these kids every Sunday for the past 3 years and what an amazing thing to hear that both of them are displaying good characteristics, honoring God and being such good friends to everybody! I love you both!

She's a model...

She's really not but you couldn't make her believe that...This girl LOVES the camera! :) I promise that all of these poses and head tilts are ALL her...I pull out the camera and she goes to town! :)

A visit with the Great Grandparents...

Memorial weekend we made a trip to Dickson to stay with MiMi and Grandfather and decided to travel a little further to spend some time with the Great Grandparents, Papa Mack and Grandma Mildred! What a wonderful set of grandparents they are...They have lived a wonderfully full life and we are grateful for the legacy they are leaving for us...Unfortunately, both of them are in need of some pretty big prayers! Papa Mack is suffering from Alzheimer's and struggling to keep up with things, and Grandma is a breast cancer survivor who has just been told that the cancer is back and its in her liver :( The next several months will be difficult ones for our family, but we trust in God perfect plan and rest in the assurance that God will provide for our every need, including peace that passes understanding! If you believe in the power of prayer, could you please lift these two wonderful people up to the Father in Heaven...He hears them all!

Another Chapter Closes...

and we are VERY sad about it! Avery had to privilege for the past two years to be cared for by one of God's greatest treasures, Mrs. Monika! While in panic mode two years ago, we pleaded to find someone who loves the Lord, loves kids and the ability to invest in their lives...and boy did God provide!!! Mrs. Monika has been one of Avery's biggest cheerleaders for the past two years, encouraging her everyday to Love the Lord, to be compassionate towards others, learn bible verses along the way..and Avery has developed a HUGE love for her because of it!
Mrs. Monika, Words can't express how grateful we are for you, for your love for the Lord, and for your dedication to love on Avery every day for the past 2 years! We are very sad to see this chapter close, but looking forward to see what God has planned for you and for Avery! We pray that the next year will be rewarding for you as you follow where God is leading! Know that we are sad to leave, but grateful for the memories made and the special place you have in our hearts! May God richly bless you because you have been such a blessing to us!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Olympic Night...

For Avery's birthday, MiMi and Grandfather gave her a semester of gymnastic lessons...and she LOVED it! For the last night of the season, they hold an olympic night to show off all the things they have learned...PRECIOUS!! Avery did so good, well, until it came time to swing into the foam pit...and then she LOST it! But she did good on everything else! Here are a few pictures from the evening!

(Here is Avery with her two "best friends" from class...Maggie and Emily)
Baylee and Ty were sweet enough to come watch, along with Aunt Ronni...Uncle Chad had to work :(
my sweet buddy, Ty Austin
Big sister showing her support
Can you tell that these cousins LOVE each other!!! precious!
Showing off a few of her skills...
and here is where the meltdown started! She was SUPPOSED to swing from a ring into the foam pit...UMMMM, she never made it :( Absolutely pitiful!!
Doing an assisted flip on the trampoline

Race in the foam pit...AVERY WAS THE WINNER!!! :)
Her medal and her cup full of goodies!
KeKe had to show everyone up and bring flowers to the event! Seriously???
Baylee kept telling Avery..."I am SO proud of you Avery, you did so good!"
So thankful for gymnastics! It has been a great experience and we look forward to many more semesters!