Thursday, June 16, 2011

A visit with the Great Grandparents...

Memorial weekend we made a trip to Dickson to stay with MiMi and Grandfather and decided to travel a little further to spend some time with the Great Grandparents, Papa Mack and Grandma Mildred! What a wonderful set of grandparents they are...They have lived a wonderfully full life and we are grateful for the legacy they are leaving for us...Unfortunately, both of them are in need of some pretty big prayers! Papa Mack is suffering from Alzheimer's and struggling to keep up with things, and Grandma is a breast cancer survivor who has just been told that the cancer is back and its in her liver :( The next several months will be difficult ones for our family, but we trust in God perfect plan and rest in the assurance that God will provide for our every need, including peace that passes understanding! If you believe in the power of prayer, could you please lift these two wonderful people up to the Father in Heaven...He hears them all!

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