Thursday, June 16, 2011

Citizenship award!

As first grade came to a close...I volunteered to go to the school and help pack up Ms. Greene's room! I was so thankful that on this particular Wednesday I was there...Ms. Greene was passing out end of the year awards! She started out by giving an award to the hardest working dragon and then she proceeded to describe the next award...This award was going to a boy AND a girl...Both of these kids displayed qualities throughout the entire school year that made them a good friend (kind, compassionate, good listener, never had complaints about them) Ms. Greene went on to say that good grades were important, but award meant more than good grades, because it reflected their character which was outstanding...
Brenly and her very best buddy Ethan!!

Not only am I a proud parent, but also a proud Sunday School Teacher...I have taught both of these kids every Sunday for the past 3 years and what an amazing thing to hear that both of them are displaying good characteristics, honoring God and being such good friends to everybody! I love you both!

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