Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Family Fun

Right before Halloween, We (Chad, Ronni, Baylee and Ty...and us!) headed down for our 2nd annual trip to Cedar Hill Farms! They loved it last year and this year was no different! The Sunday we picked to go was very dreary and drizzly, but that ended up working in our favor...there weren't near as many people there as we had expected! We had so much fun...I LOVE family traditions!

Nothing says Fall Fun, like a Footlong corndog for lunch :)

I really could eat this boy alive!

What a wild crew

tractor ride

They are growing up so fast!

Waiting for the pig races

One of the better family shots...its hard to get 4 kids to cooperate

Hayride to the pumpkin patch

Corn Maze

A princess model...

and I PROMISE, this is all her! She LOVES the camera and works it like she knows what she is doing...This was the morning before she started her first full week of school..She picked out the outfit, the jewelry and the lip gloss, along with the "high heels"! She couldn't wait to get outside for her mini photo shoot! God has definitely given me a Sassy Little Red-Head...and I wouldn't change a thing!

Barefoot Summer Nights...

Full of crazy summertime memories! I love the fact that God have me girls...SISTERS...something I never had, but something that I have LOVED watching! Their relationship is so close and I love the way they play together...who knew a duffel bag and a slide could bring so much laughter! Thank you girls for all the joy your bring to our family...I pray that you never take each other for granted and that you will continue to build on the wonderful relationship that God has given you!