Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mosquitos love her...

and she LOVES to scratch them...which is why she is on an antibiotic for skin infection! UGH! Isn't that awful?! I have never in my life seen someone who gets bitten by mosquitos as often as Avery does...She can walk from the house to the car and get bitten by 5 or 6 just from that small walk! And I promise that I spray her with OFF every single time that she walks out the door...but OFF seems to ATTRACT the stinkin bugs!! I took her to the doctor last week and the doctor never mentioned the word 'impetigo' but I really believe that she was on the verge of getting it! Bless her sweet heart! Look at all these bites on my baby...

A new babysitter...

and Avery is in love with her...WE really had a hard time finding a GOOD person that was available to watch Avery...We were actually on the 3RD person, but it looks like it was all in God's plan! We have found the most wonderful person in the world and Avery just so happens to think that she is the BEST!!! In fact, yesterday (when her momma had the opportunity to spend the day with her)...She CRIED, because she wanted to go back to the babysitter's house! Oh my goodness...I have been replaced, but grateful that she LOVES to be with her, when I'm not available! Thanks so much Mrs. M for loving on my baby and taking such good care of her!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are so proud...

of our Kindergarten-er (as if every parent isn't)
Brenly came home yesterday and announced that she got to go to the treasure box! After inquiring about how she got to go, she explained that her sticker sheet got filled (by putting her feet in a square and her finger on her lips, laying her head down with out being told,etc....things that they know they should do, and when her teacher doesn't have to remind her, she gets a sticker) She also said that she was the FIRST in her class to get her sticker sheet filled!! She is her mother's child...always trying to do her best, trying to please everyone :) We are so proud of her and pray that she continues to have a great year!
Here she is with her "treasure"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Girls...

in their new big girl beds...(Although Bren has been in a big girl bed for a while now...hers is still new:)
We decided that since everything in our life is new and different now...All for the better, but still new and different...that we would go ahead and implement more changes in the girls lives (why not rock their world, completely...right?) and place them in new (and different) beds...So our precious baby girl, Avery is no longer in a crib (sniff, sniff) She is now in a "big girl" bed and she is thrilled :)
We changed everything up this weekend and she now has Bren's old bed (and bedding) and Brenly got a new (to her) bed!
They are both excited about it and have adjusted well to all the 'newness' in their lives. We are very proud of them!

Good thing that we bought a new rail for her...or she would've been on the floor!!

And Brenly even woke up the next morning and wanted to make her bed before church! And although its not perfect...we made her believe that it was!!!

The joys of city life...

we LOVED Bolivar...we really did. We love the fact that it was a small town, quiet, that we lived on acres that the girls could play on, a few good (and cheap) restaurants, etc...However there were things about Bolivar that we DIDN'T love about Bolivar... our LONG drive- anytime that we did anything we were in the car at least an hour (and that was one way!)we never had friends that could come for a short visit(we would have to schedule overnight stays for anyone to drive out that far!) we had bags of trash hanging out by the back door that we couldn't get rid of until we drove them across town to "the dump", etc
The first few days in our new house, we had several visitors that were stopping by to see the new (and very unorganized) house and the girls were in heaven..they couldn't believe that so many people loved them and wanted to come by for a visit...and that they were able to stop by, spend a few minutes and then go home...we have socially deprived our children for the past two years and they really have had to learn how to act when they can have friends come over:)
Our trash day in town, just happens to be Thursday and we were outside when the trash truck came around...Brenly asked what they were doing and I explained that every Thursday they come around to pick up our trash for us...Brenly looked at me (keep in mind that she was only 3 when we moved from Oakland to Bolivar, so she never really cared about how the trash got disposed of) and said, "you mean, we NEVER have to go to "the dump" again?" I shook my head and she said, "I LOVE this place...I have friends and they take our trash!" and ran off to play!

I cracked up the small things in life that mean so much to my children, that they don't have to travel cross country to get somewhere, that they now have friends to play with, and that our trash disappears without us going to the dump!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why was the 2nd day...

so much harder than the 1st? Dropping Brenly off to Kindergarten, that is! The first day was great, I got to walk her in, get all of her stuff organized, make sure she was in the right spot, etc. Well, after Monday, they highly discourage any parents from dropping them off in the building (which totally makes sense, there isn't a mad rush of crazy Kindergarten parents, the kids don't have the opportunity to get nervous, etc!) On Tuesday, Brenly and I get into the car and we go over all of the basic info...What room number are you? 2-1-2...Correct, and who is your teacher? Mrs. Fanning..Correct...The closer we got to the drop off spot, the more anxious she became...not really sure on how exactly was that she was going to make it to the right spot! I kept telling her that she would go through the cafeteria doors, and there would be people to take her there! Well, it was her turn to jump out of the car, and she looks back at me with this terrified look on her face...I instructed her to go towards the cafeteria doors, and at that moment, I just had to drive off! After all I was in the car line and there are hundreds of others that are trying to get there kids to the places they needed to be! It broke my heart to look in my rearview mirror and see my baby standing in the middle of this big ole' mean world, looking lost as a goose, and there was NOTHING that I could do to make it better...Except pray that God would protect her and get her to the right spot, on time! I LOST it...Avery was in the back seat and she kept saying, "Why you cryin, Mommy?" "Is Brenly at school?" "I miss her" Which didn't make the issue any less painful!
I made it through the day with only a few more tears, and was very anxious to go back and pick her up! When she got in the car I was quick to ask her if she made it to class okay...Her response: Yes, MOM! UGH, she is far too grown up and it has happened far too quick!

Registration and the First Day(s) of School...

At Collierville Elementary! And we are so thrilled with it, ALREADY! God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful house in a wonderful location, so that Brenly would be able to go to a wonderful school! Isn't God WONDERFUL!!!
On August 4th, we went up to the school after work so that we could get Brenly registered for Kindergarten! I can't believe that the time has come already to send my baby off into the big wide world...but its here, and we might as well embrace it!

( you can tell that we already got our CES spirit shirt, that she gets to wear on Fridays :)
We found out that she would be going to school on Wednesday, August the 12th (why not? that is also the day that we close on our new house and move..(could we not add any more important events to that one day?) and that she was going to be in the blue group(which happens to be her favorite color) and she was going to be with Ethan and Hayden (Hayden's mom and I grew up at the same church until I got married)

Is it completely normal to be going to school on the first day, standing in front of a moving van, that has all of your belongings in it??

Leaving our Bolivar house...for the last time!!

arriving at our new Collierville house for the first time

We meet Nonna at OUR new house, so that she can take care of Avery for the morning...because on staggered day, I got to stay with her for about an hour (which helped ease the separation anxiety, for both of us (probably more for me :(
We got to school and the first people we see were the (Scott)Willard's and so Brenly and Ethan were pumped about long as they were together!

and then we spotted Hayden and so they wanted to get there picture taken in front of the dragon...

Then the Blue Group went on a tour of the school with Ms. Emerson (who is a patient of mine) and Mrs. Miles, and ended up in Mrs. Miles room, where they sat down for story time ( I MUST add that as they sat down to read the story, the teacher explained that it was about a cat and mouse... "Can anyone spell "CAT"? Brenly throws her hand up in the air and she called on..."C-A-T" The teacher was very impressed...I am sure of it!haha!)and then they sat down to do a craft

Then it was music time and their first Kindergarten potty break...

Afterwards, she had the kids line up outside the restroom and all the kids had to "throw us a hug", so we were never given the opportunity to get upset! We had to head straight to a meeting to learn all about our new "little dragons"!!
I got the opportunity to go pick her up in car line (since I was off work, and moving) and so I snapped these pictures as she was waiting...

On Friday afternoon we got a call from her teacher, Mrs. Fanning! And although I don't know much about her, the things that I have heard have been great and I look forward to Brenly having a great school year!
Her first "real" day of Kindergarten was Monday! She was very excited!

(Avery was not so excited about her big sister leaving her...they have rarely been apart for long periods of time, so poor Avery is going to have some adjusting to do!)

Pointing out her hook!

And here is my baby at her new table...the red table, and she was so excited, couldn't wait to call Uncle Chad (cuz well, he has corrupted my child into thinking that red is a good color, seeing as how it is closely related to "ALA-VAMA" colors, ugh!!!)
My pray for her this year is that she will learn to LOVE learning, that she will meet new and wonderful Christian friends, and that she will grow into the wonderful child that God would have her to be!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

God is concerned with even the SMALLEST details...

of our life...and that makes me very happy!
A few weeks ago, I was at my brother's house for the 4th of July (okay, because I am so far behind on my was more like a month ago!) He and Brenly were going to run a few errand and I was going to stay at home with the babies (Aunt Ronni was at the Orpheum!) I asked if he would take my SD card from my camera and make a CD of all the pictures on there. (there were like 1000 pictures, literally) Most importantly this card contained pictures from the night before when me and lots of my friends went to see NKOTB (for some of us, it was the 3rd time...but whose counting!) and we had amazing seats...because ALL of my friends realize what a camera person I am...they chose NOT to take their cameras and just get the pictures from me! So my brother leaves the house, with my camera card IN HIS POCKET!! I was sure to CLEARLY state how important these pictures were to me (and to all my friends!) After hours of running errands, they finally arrive back at his house...Knowing that he completely forgot to get a CD made, I simply asked him to give me the card back...He laughed and said that he indeed completely forgot about getting my CD...So he reaches IN HIS POCKET to retrieve the TINY SD Card...and it wasn't he reaches into his other pocket...and it WASN'T there!!
He looks at me with this blank stare, and says that he doesn't have it...Because he is my older brother, he is always messin with me, and I truly thought that he was kidding...BUT HE WASN'T...He really didnt have it...I was devastated...but tried to play it cool...and He felt awful! He immediately dropped everything and got in the car to retrace his steps (did you remember that they were gone for hours!) He arrives back home empty handed (except that he bought a HUGE sd card as sort of a peace offering...sweet, but it didnt retrieve any of my pictures :(
We try to push the horrible experience to the back of our minds and go to the fireworks display in Olive Branch...We had a great time together...but I was still sad over the missing card!
I'll have to admit that I quietly prayed that God would miraculously find the card and bring it back to me...I know...It was a long shot...But He is God and He can do whatever He wants...
Last week, the girls and I were heading to my bro/sis-in-law's house to pick up Ronni and Baylee to head to the Orpheum to see Dora Live! We were in a hurry and so we ran in to change clothes and I look up on their Gi-NORMOUS tv and I see a still shot of NKOTB...I looked up at it, thinking that it was strange that they would have a picture of them on their tv! I looked at Ronni and asked what in the world that was and she (with a very persnickety grin on her face) says, "Let's just scroll though and see" The more pictures that she flipped through the more they looked just like the ones I had taken...My mouth drops open and I let out a very loud squeal...I could NOT believe it! God had produce a miracle!
I immediately asked her where in the world they found it and she proceeded to tell the story:
Supposedly everyday that Chad comes home, he empties his pockets into this bowl in the kitchen...and then when Ronni's mom comes over to clean, she then empties that bowl into a large plastic bag...Ronni was going to get her car washed the other day and was looking through the bag, when it busted all over the place...She was heading out the door and asked my bro. if he could clean it up and he agreed! As he was scooping up the change he looks down and Lo and Behold...a tiny sd card was starring him in the face! and IT WAS MINE!!!
I was so excited! And again, I am reminded that God is very concerned about even the tiniest details of our lives (even if it is a SD Card)...

Monday, August 3, 2009

SO much to do...

so little time...
When I signed onto my blog today, I had to look back through it to find out exactly how behind I was on keeping this family journal up to date...So to look on here we haven't been doing a thing...The exact opposite is true! We have done SO much that I am not sure that I will remember it all to post on here! I don't think there has ever been a time when I have been so busy, with so much to get done...Ever! And trying to stay sane in the process..that is the tricky part! Lets see in the past month we have

*started packing our house up for the upcoming move
*looking for new houses
*walked away from the 1st house
*lost the 2nd house we loved by 20 minutes
*got financing situated for new house
*put a contract on 3rd house
*walked away from 3rd houe because seller wasn't willing to negotiate
*placed contract on 4th house
*been on a family vacation to Florida
*continued to pack up the house
*continued to work full time
*continued to drive approx. 4 hours every day (at least 5 days a week)
*continued to be real involved with church
*gotten Brenly's 5 year old Kindergarten shots (YIKES)
*registered Brenly for Kindergarten
*dealt with paperwork issues concerning the house

I mean, we have been BUSY! and all of these things are REALLY exciting, we are just on overload!

I am going to try to go through my pictures and post a few updates! Just please continue to pray for us as we make LOTS of (good) changes in the next week!