Thursday, August 20, 2009

Registration and the First Day(s) of School...

At Collierville Elementary! And we are so thrilled with it, ALREADY! God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful house in a wonderful location, so that Brenly would be able to go to a wonderful school! Isn't God WONDERFUL!!!
On August 4th, we went up to the school after work so that we could get Brenly registered for Kindergarten! I can't believe that the time has come already to send my baby off into the big wide world...but its here, and we might as well embrace it!

( you can tell that we already got our CES spirit shirt, that she gets to wear on Fridays :)
We found out that she would be going to school on Wednesday, August the 12th (why not? that is also the day that we close on our new house and move..(could we not add any more important events to that one day?) and that she was going to be in the blue group(which happens to be her favorite color) and she was going to be with Ethan and Hayden (Hayden's mom and I grew up at the same church until I got married)

Is it completely normal to be going to school on the first day, standing in front of a moving van, that has all of your belongings in it??

Leaving our Bolivar house...for the last time!!

arriving at our new Collierville house for the first time

We meet Nonna at OUR new house, so that she can take care of Avery for the morning...because on staggered day, I got to stay with her for about an hour (which helped ease the separation anxiety, for both of us (probably more for me :(
We got to school and the first people we see were the (Scott)Willard's and so Brenly and Ethan were pumped about long as they were together!

and then we spotted Hayden and so they wanted to get there picture taken in front of the dragon...

Then the Blue Group went on a tour of the school with Ms. Emerson (who is a patient of mine) and Mrs. Miles, and ended up in Mrs. Miles room, where they sat down for story time ( I MUST add that as they sat down to read the story, the teacher explained that it was about a cat and mouse... "Can anyone spell "CAT"? Brenly throws her hand up in the air and she called on..."C-A-T" The teacher was very impressed...I am sure of it!haha!)and then they sat down to do a craft

Then it was music time and their first Kindergarten potty break...

Afterwards, she had the kids line up outside the restroom and all the kids had to "throw us a hug", so we were never given the opportunity to get upset! We had to head straight to a meeting to learn all about our new "little dragons"!!
I got the opportunity to go pick her up in car line (since I was off work, and moving) and so I snapped these pictures as she was waiting...

On Friday afternoon we got a call from her teacher, Mrs. Fanning! And although I don't know much about her, the things that I have heard have been great and I look forward to Brenly having a great school year!
Her first "real" day of Kindergarten was Monday! She was very excited!

(Avery was not so excited about her big sister leaving her...they have rarely been apart for long periods of time, so poor Avery is going to have some adjusting to do!)

Pointing out her hook!

And here is my baby at her new table...the red table, and she was so excited, couldn't wait to call Uncle Chad (cuz well, he has corrupted my child into thinking that red is a good color, seeing as how it is closely related to "ALA-VAMA" colors, ugh!!!)
My pray for her this year is that she will learn to LOVE learning, that she will meet new and wonderful Christian friends, and that she will grow into the wonderful child that God would have her to be!

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