Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Girls...

in their new big girl beds...(Although Bren has been in a big girl bed for a while now...hers is still new:)
We decided that since everything in our life is new and different now...All for the better, but still new and different...that we would go ahead and implement more changes in the girls lives (why not rock their world, completely...right?) and place them in new (and different) beds...So our precious baby girl, Avery is no longer in a crib (sniff, sniff) She is now in a "big girl" bed and she is thrilled :)
We changed everything up this weekend and she now has Bren's old bed (and bedding) and Brenly got a new (to her) bed!
They are both excited about it and have adjusted well to all the 'newness' in their lives. We are very proud of them!

Good thing that we bought a new rail for her...or she would've been on the floor!!

And Brenly even woke up the next morning and wanted to make her bed before church! And although its not perfect...we made her believe that it was!!!

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