Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The joys of city life...

we LOVED Bolivar...we really did. We love the fact that it was a small town, quiet, that we lived on acres that the girls could play on, a few good (and cheap) restaurants, etc...However there were things about Bolivar that we DIDN'T love about Bolivar... our LONG drive- anytime that we did anything we were in the car at least an hour (and that was one way!)we never had friends that could come for a short visit(we would have to schedule overnight stays for anyone to drive out that far!) we had bags of trash hanging out by the back door that we couldn't get rid of until we drove them across town to "the dump", etc
The first few days in our new house, we had several visitors that were stopping by to see the new (and very unorganized) house and the girls were in heaven..they couldn't believe that so many people loved them and wanted to come by for a visit...and that they were able to stop by, spend a few minutes and then go home...we have socially deprived our children for the past two years and they really have had to learn how to act when they can have friends come over:)
Our trash day in town, just happens to be Thursday and we were outside when the trash truck came around...Brenly asked what they were doing and I explained that every Thursday they come around to pick up our trash for us...Brenly looked at me (keep in mind that she was only 3 when we moved from Oakland to Bolivar, so she never really cared about how the trash got disposed of) and said, "you mean, we NEVER have to go to "the dump" again?" I shook my head and she said, "I LOVE this place...I have friends and they take our trash!" and ran off to play!

I cracked up laughing...it the small things in life that mean so much to my children, that they don't have to travel cross country to get somewhere, that they now have friends to play with, and that our trash disappears without us going to the dump!!


Misty LaDean said...

for some stinkin reason, this made me get tears in my eyes!

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