Thursday, August 6, 2009

God is concerned with even the SMALLEST details...

of our life...and that makes me very happy!
A few weeks ago, I was at my brother's house for the 4th of July (okay, because I am so far behind on my was more like a month ago!) He and Brenly were going to run a few errand and I was going to stay at home with the babies (Aunt Ronni was at the Orpheum!) I asked if he would take my SD card from my camera and make a CD of all the pictures on there. (there were like 1000 pictures, literally) Most importantly this card contained pictures from the night before when me and lots of my friends went to see NKOTB (for some of us, it was the 3rd time...but whose counting!) and we had amazing seats...because ALL of my friends realize what a camera person I am...they chose NOT to take their cameras and just get the pictures from me! So my brother leaves the house, with my camera card IN HIS POCKET!! I was sure to CLEARLY state how important these pictures were to me (and to all my friends!) After hours of running errands, they finally arrive back at his house...Knowing that he completely forgot to get a CD made, I simply asked him to give me the card back...He laughed and said that he indeed completely forgot about getting my CD...So he reaches IN HIS POCKET to retrieve the TINY SD Card...and it wasn't he reaches into his other pocket...and it WASN'T there!!
He looks at me with this blank stare, and says that he doesn't have it...Because he is my older brother, he is always messin with me, and I truly thought that he was kidding...BUT HE WASN'T...He really didnt have it...I was devastated...but tried to play it cool...and He felt awful! He immediately dropped everything and got in the car to retrace his steps (did you remember that they were gone for hours!) He arrives back home empty handed (except that he bought a HUGE sd card as sort of a peace offering...sweet, but it didnt retrieve any of my pictures :(
We try to push the horrible experience to the back of our minds and go to the fireworks display in Olive Branch...We had a great time together...but I was still sad over the missing card!
I'll have to admit that I quietly prayed that God would miraculously find the card and bring it back to me...I know...It was a long shot...But He is God and He can do whatever He wants...
Last week, the girls and I were heading to my bro/sis-in-law's house to pick up Ronni and Baylee to head to the Orpheum to see Dora Live! We were in a hurry and so we ran in to change clothes and I look up on their Gi-NORMOUS tv and I see a still shot of NKOTB...I looked up at it, thinking that it was strange that they would have a picture of them on their tv! I looked at Ronni and asked what in the world that was and she (with a very persnickety grin on her face) says, "Let's just scroll though and see" The more pictures that she flipped through the more they looked just like the ones I had taken...My mouth drops open and I let out a very loud squeal...I could NOT believe it! God had produce a miracle!
I immediately asked her where in the world they found it and she proceeded to tell the story:
Supposedly everyday that Chad comes home, he empties his pockets into this bowl in the kitchen...and then when Ronni's mom comes over to clean, she then empties that bowl into a large plastic bag...Ronni was going to get her car washed the other day and was looking through the bag, when it busted all over the place...She was heading out the door and asked my bro. if he could clean it up and he agreed! As he was scooping up the change he looks down and Lo and Behold...a tiny sd card was starring him in the face! and IT WAS MINE!!!
I was so excited! And again, I am reminded that God is very concerned about even the tiniest details of our lives (even if it is a SD Card)...

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