Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why was the 2nd day...

so much harder than the 1st? Dropping Brenly off to Kindergarten, that is! The first day was great, I got to walk her in, get all of her stuff organized, make sure she was in the right spot, etc. Well, after Monday, they highly discourage any parents from dropping them off in the building (which totally makes sense, there isn't a mad rush of crazy Kindergarten parents, the kids don't have the opportunity to get nervous, etc!) On Tuesday, Brenly and I get into the car and we go over all of the basic info...What room number are you? 2-1-2...Correct, and who is your teacher? Mrs. Fanning..Correct...The closer we got to the drop off spot, the more anxious she became...not really sure on how exactly was that she was going to make it to the right spot! I kept telling her that she would go through the cafeteria doors, and there would be people to take her there! Well, it was her turn to jump out of the car, and she looks back at me with this terrified look on her face...I instructed her to go towards the cafeteria doors, and at that moment, I just had to drive off! After all I was in the car line and there are hundreds of others that are trying to get there kids to the places they needed to be! It broke my heart to look in my rearview mirror and see my baby standing in the middle of this big ole' mean world, looking lost as a goose, and there was NOTHING that I could do to make it better...Except pray that God would protect her and get her to the right spot, on time! I LOST it...Avery was in the back seat and she kept saying, "Why you cryin, Mommy?" "Is Brenly at school?" "I miss her" Which didn't make the issue any less painful!
I made it through the day with only a few more tears, and was very anxious to go back and pick her up! When she got in the car I was quick to ask her if she made it to class okay...Her response: Yes, MOM! UGH, she is far too grown up and it has happened far too quick!

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Misty LaDean said...

i feel your pain chickie!