Monday, August 3, 2009

SO much to do...

so little time...
When I signed onto my blog today, I had to look back through it to find out exactly how behind I was on keeping this family journal up to date...So to look on here we haven't been doing a thing...The exact opposite is true! We have done SO much that I am not sure that I will remember it all to post on here! I don't think there has ever been a time when I have been so busy, with so much to get done...Ever! And trying to stay sane in the process..that is the tricky part! Lets see in the past month we have

*started packing our house up for the upcoming move
*looking for new houses
*walked away from the 1st house
*lost the 2nd house we loved by 20 minutes
*got financing situated for new house
*put a contract on 3rd house
*walked away from 3rd houe because seller wasn't willing to negotiate
*placed contract on 4th house
*been on a family vacation to Florida
*continued to pack up the house
*continued to work full time
*continued to drive approx. 4 hours every day (at least 5 days a week)
*continued to be real involved with church
*gotten Brenly's 5 year old Kindergarten shots (YIKES)
*registered Brenly for Kindergarten
*dealt with paperwork issues concerning the house

I mean, we have been BUSY! and all of these things are REALLY exciting, we are just on overload!

I am going to try to go through my pictures and post a few updates! Just please continue to pray for us as we make LOTS of (good) changes in the next week!

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Melissa and John said...

And you threw a baby shower! I am thinking of you this week!