Friday, October 23, 2009

To corrupt one is enough...

but to corrupt them both is NOT okay! I have written several times on here how my sweet and precious brother has conveniently caused my oldest daughter to turn her back on her Tennessee roots to cheer for his most favorite Alabama team!
Well, last night I was laying in bed with Avery (the innocent one, that I thought had been protected from my brother's influence) and we were saying our prayers...For the longest time we have done the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer, and I have recently tried to get them to come up with their own prayers. So I ask Avery what we needed to pray for and she said, Auntie, Maci, CJ, Ms. Monika, Samantha, Logan..and then said...hhhhmmmm, Mommy, we need to pray for Alavama (what in the world?) I reluctantly agreed and then she said, and we need to pray for the football team (Are you for real?) Keep in mind that we try to talk about Alabama football as little as possible (and why in the world would she chose to pray for Alavama football team on the exact weekend that they are playing Tennessee??)
So I will have you know, that I spent my sweet precious prayer time with my youngest..praying for the stinkin Alabama football team!
Why, dear Lord, must both of my children be traders and root for the WRONG team..but we pray for them no matter what !!


Amy said...

When this post came up on my reader, I knew exactly what it was about. Praying that your girls eventually see the orange! :)

Forrester Fam said...

and boy did they need those prayers. Tell Avery, Roll Tide!!!!