Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I realize that it was almost 3 weeks ago...and I am JUST NOW getting around to posting the pictures from it...however, I am just glad that I am getting them posted before Thanksgiving! Be impressed (I am!) We had a very fun Halloween...Earlier this semsester Brenly had to dress as a community helper and it just so happened that she was a dentist :) We got her some scrubs and I did a little alterations on them, and then she decided that it would be a great idea for her to be a dentist for Halloween as well (Sounds good to me, Two occasions...one costume! I LOVE THE IDEA!)
Avery decided that she wanted to be a Bumble Bee (with a little encouragement!) I had seen it at Target and loved it, but didn't get it because I thought that I would at least ASK her what she wanted to be...A few days later I went back to get it and it was GONE!! So I settled on the duck...but because a have such a wonderful friend...(thanks Kristy) a Bumble Bee was found! I, of course was going to dress in scrubs to match Brenly and it just so happened that Kristy found a Bumble Bee costume for herself...It was a sight to behold!
We had a great night and we are just now getting rid of all of that candy! Thank goodness!

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