Monday, February 8, 2010

Praise the Lord for Homeowners Insurance...

Unfortunately we are having to use it :(
Last Wednesday we were at home and we were in between the kitchen and the dining room. We looked down and noticed that there ws ome water on the floor...We called for Avery to see if she spilled some water on the floor...She denied any wrong doing, so we wiped it up and went about our day...Approx. 15 minutes later I was walking through the kitchen again, and the puddle was there again and this time it was even bigger! I walked into the dining room and HEARD the water squishing under the hardwood floor...and the boards were already bowing!! Ray proceeded to turn off the water at the street (Praise the Lord!) and we walked into the living room and noticed that water had already damaged some of the floor in there as well! We called our insurance agent (who happens to be a good friend) and explaine to him what had happened. We then started to rip up the floor (that was just placed in august, right before we bought this house!) WATER WAS EVERYWHERE!!!
By 5:30 we had a plumber out here who found a pinhole leak in an outside pipe! It was fixed...but the damge was already done! We are now waiting for insurance agent to come and give an estimate of all the damage that was done! Its been a long week...and just ready for this all to be over!!

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