Thursday, October 9, 2008

The precious pictures...

that we finally got made! My brother has been telling me for months (literally) that we need to go get the girls picture made...So after months, I finally made an appointment, got all of the logistics worked out, got the outfits...We were ready! On tuesday night we get to the picture place and I walk in...and the woman at the front says "Lightning hit the building and messed up the printer, so we will not be able to take your pictures today!" Are you kidding me...It has taken months to even get this appointment made (that part was my fault!) I had to make arrangements for Ronni to pick up the girls from the baby sitter, which is WAY out of the way for her, get them all dressed and ready to go...This was NOT good! So after a little while, they agreed to take the pictures and they would just have to call us when they could get them printed! Sounds like a plan...Brenly was smiling and ready...Avery started crying immediately, but eventually calmed down..but never got overly excited about the impending shoot...And Baylee got bless her sweet heart, just wanted to play with all of the fun stuff...she wanted no part of the sitting still this is the final product!

My brother LOVES Alabama...We LOVE Tennessee (however I am sad to say that this season!) and Granny in heaven LOVED Memphis...which would explain all of the uniforms!

Sorry the quality isn't great...I had to take a picture of a picture because we didn't get the CD this time! But at least you get the idea!

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Kendall said...

Well, Granny has good taste in teams! I don't know what happened to you and your bro ;)

Avery is a doll in that uniform - is goes perfectly with her hair!!