Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Short arms...

So Ray and Brenly went to Walmart the other day to get some milk, etc. They were checking out at thr register and Brenly spots "the Gripper" (a long metal device that allows you to pick up things at a of those "as seen on TV" specials) This is the conversation that follows...
Brenly: (very excited) Daddy you NEED to get one of those things...
Ray: (with his infamous "look") What in the world do I need that for?
Brenly (trying to make the sale) Um, so you can reach things far away!
Ray: (adament that he doesn't need it) No, Brenly I do NOT need that!
a few minutes pass by
Brenly: Okay, well I need it
Ray: Why in the world do you need it!
Brenly: (as serious as she can..and very matter of factly...HOLDING HER ARMS STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF HER) UUUMMMM, Heeellllloooo (very sassy like) Short arms!!!

Where in the world do these kids come up with this mess...and no they did NOT come home with "The Grippers"

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Amy said...

That is just plain hilarious!