Thursday, October 2, 2008


So this morning at 3:49am to be exact...I got woken out of a dead sleep to find out that I, TOO, had been bitten by the stomach bug!My insides had exploded! UUUGGGHHH! I haven't felt this horrible in a LONG time. Ray was good enough to take the girls to Denise's house..Brenly had school...and I honestly didn't think that I could take care of them in the state I was in! I have been in bed..literally all day long,UNLESS I was in the bathroom, which was quite alot for one day! Ray went to work and then came in at about 11:30ish to tell me that Brenly's school had called and she, TOO had contracted this NASTY virus! Misty and her sweet self, was kind enough to go get her from school until Ray could arrive (DEAR LORD...PLEASE don't let Misty or any of her family members get this yuckiness...she was just being a good best friend and helping us out! AMEN!) All of them got home and I was still out like a light! I FINALLY got out of bed at approx. 7:30pm and tried to eat a piece of toast (at this point I feel like I am going to throw up because I haven't had ANYTHING in my system all day!) It is now 9:35pm and I STILL don't feel right! Brenly finally went to bed after I applied some phenegren lotion on her arms...My fever has just broken because I am sweating like crazy...and now Ray is off to the bathroom...OH MY GOODNESS!! Lord, let this virus get away from us and everybody that we love!!

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Misty LaDean said...

You just better hang on to that lotion for the Parks family, chicky!