Monday, October 20, 2008

Who do we love?

I must give a little background information to this post so that you will understand the "funny-ness" of it! Ray LOVES baseball and his favorite team is New York Yankees! Therefore "Boston Red Sox" is a very bad word at our house!
This weekend we were watching Sports Center (imagine that?!) and they were talking about Alabama Football...Brenly overheard them and screamed out, "Uncle Chad loves Alavama (Yes, she replaces the "b" with a "v"...therefore it is Alavama!) And I said, that is right...Who do we love? and she replied quickly with "TENNESSEE" and I said who else (thinking that she would say Texas...Ray was born in Texas and still has family members there, so if Texas is on..we watch them!) Instead she said "Tigers" (for my sweet precious momma!) and then I said, "Well, who else do we love?" and she yelled..."THE RED SOX!!!" Ray about had a heart attack in the living room and gave her a look, that if looks could kill... He quickly replied...NO, we DON'T LOVE THE RED SOX! SO now, she knows it gets under his skin, so she walks around talking about the Red Sox...It's hilarious!!


Misty LaDean said...

You go Brenly... anything to get on daddy's nerves is GOOD! :)

Shannon said...

that is so funny!!