Thursday, April 9, 2009

NOOOOO, its a sheep!

If you have read any of my previous posts, OR seen any pictures of my Avery...You will know all about "Lamby" and how important he (Avery claims its a boy!) is in her life...He has experienced almost every milestone in her life, always being right by her side! We were at a baby shower for Heather and Rowan and she happened to get a present that was a cuddley lamb! Heather looked at Avery and said, "Oh, look, now I have a "lamby"! Avery shot her a look and proceeded to be very adamant and confirmed, "That's not a Lamby...that's a SHEEP!"
A couple of days ago...Avery found a beany baby lamb that was laying around...Ray said, "Where did you get that Lamby?" Again, disgusted she hollered, "It's not a Lamby...It's a SHEEEEEEP!!!!" and this is the face she made as she was explaining it...

So for you own sake...please KNOW the difference...Hers is a "Lamby"...ALL others are SHEEP!

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