Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Funny comments...

from both of the girls...they keep me laughing all the time...
We were in the car yesterday (SURPRISE) and we had several errands to make before Bren had to be at swimming lessons! Out of NO where, Brenly asks..."Mommy, why do people speed?" (I need to add a side note to let you know that I was NOT that particular moment, I cannot promise that I do speed ever...BUT at that moment...I was doing the speed limit!) My answer was simply stated..."Sometimes people speed because they are in a hurry and are trying to get places real fast!" She thought for a minute and said, "OH, well we don't ever speed, we just get in a hurry sometimes" (Do you think that any police officer would go for that officer, I wasn't speeding, just in a hurry!)

Then we were driving through McDonalds, feeding my kids dinner, because well, we were still in the car and had a ways to drive...and Brenly was asking for her toy out of her happy meal! I opened it up and it was a blue alien from Monsters vs. Aliens (no, we haven't seen it) named B.O.B...I mentioned to her that B.O.B. was his name and Avery quickly replies, "Did I get Warry, Mommy?" (that would be Larry from Veggie Tales! She just figured that if Brenly got Bob-the tomato- that she was sure to get Larry-the cucumber!) Brenly and I both laughed!

thank you Lord, for my children and their funny sense of Humor! I pray that you always give them reasons to find the funny side of life!

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