Thursday, March 26, 2009

"It has given me great joy...

to find my children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us" 2John 1:4

This week I have seen witnessed two separate instances when both of my girls are 'walking in the truth' and I don't think that there is anything else in this world that makes me happier! The first time was Monday morning... we were making our daily journey from home to Denise's house and I had K-Love on and I was just singing away! Usually both of the girls sleep until we arrive however, Monday was a little different! Avery has this terrible cough that wakes her up (alot) and so she had just gotten over her coughin spell! This song from Mercy Me "FINALLY HOME" came on and I love it because it reminds me so much of my I sing it even louder!

I'm gonna wrap my arms around my daddy's neck and tell him that I've missed him and tell him
all about the man that i became and hope that it pleased him there's so much i want to say
there's so much i want you to know.

When i finally make it home when i finally make it home.

I replace all the words that need to be replaced to fit my situation...I'm gonna wrap my arms around my momma's neck and tell her that I've missed her, etc...

I was just singing away and when the song got to the chorus...I heard this little voice behind me singing even louder than me..."WHEN I FINALLY MAKE IT HOME"

...and it made me smile! what a wonderful imagine that I had in my head...When we finally get to heaven and my momma FINALLY gets to meet my kids! Oh my brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! I mean don't get me wrong...I am EXCITED about seeing Jesus for the first time...I CANNOT even imagine that, but I also CANNOT wait to see my momma-and for her to meet my kids! So exciting...and to hear my little one belting out about finally making it heaven! She has lots to learn, but I fully believe that she is on her way to grasping even a little about the truth!
On Sunday, Brenly brought home this envelope that was sealed and all she would say is that it was for Grace (her cousin) I kept inquiring what it was and she just kept saying, we need to mail it to Grace! Well yesterday Avery found it and decided that she was going to be just as curious as her momma and she tore it opened...Brenly found the paper on the floor and was distraught that we couldn't mail it!

I promised her that I would bring it to work and mail since it was already out of the envelope, she decided that she would add a little to it! She found a sharpie marker and started asking me how to spell all these different words...None of which seemed like they went together...words like to, from, swing set, grace, more, cross...I finally asked her what she was writing and she said "I'll show you in a minute...and how do you spell "O"...I snickered to myself and replied "O"...frustrated she gave me a look and said, no I mean, like OH YEAH!!!...I responded by telling her, "O-H" after a while she brought me the paper and this is what she had come up with all by herself...

It originally said
to grace
from Brenly
Love you

then she decided that she was going to draw her swingset (or sVing in Brenly's case :) and draw her and Grace playing on it...and then she decided that she needed to tell Grace this:

OH one more thing (I had to add the word 'thing' because she had forgotten to write it in) Jesus' cross for Grace (although the for was after Grace's name! AND nevermind the fact that her J and her S's are backwards...well worry with details later:)

Is that not the cutest thing ever! That she would think all by herself to remind Grace that Jesus' cross was for her (and everybody else...) but what encouragement!
Do you realize that Jesus cross is for YOU ?!?!

It just made my heart happy yesterday! To know that both of my children are hearing the word and absorbing it...even though they may not FULLY understand!

Lord, grant me the wisdom to continue growing my children for your glory! I pray that you bless our efforts and that you would allow them to live life to the fullest, praising your name forever!


Shannon said...

that is so sweet and reminds me to pay attention more! My kids have done stuff like this so many times and I need to stop and be SO very thankful that my kids are learning so much at such a young age! Maybe I need to remember your waiting devotion! Not on waiting on certain things, but SLOWING down and paying attention!!

The Neely Family said...

Kim, Your Brinly and my Cooper have got to be close in age. Cooper is just now really asking about Jesus. I mean really asking. Especially now with Easter approaching and us talking about Him dying for our sins. The questions get harder and harder everyday. My prayer every single day is that I be a good steward of the blessings He has bestowed upon me...especially my children. I love this entry! Thank you for letting me into your life through your blog. I, like Shannon commented, have got to slow down and pay attention more.