Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brenly and Uncle Chad = TWINS...

** disclaimer to this post...Uncle Chad has requested not once, but twice that I make this post...Me, I am personally OVER him encouraging such disobedient behavior...but I will give in just this once!

Uncle Chad called the house the other night and Brenly answered the phone...after several questions...I heard Brenly tell Uncle Chad that she was sending out her "announcements" to her birthday party at Pump it Up! (Most people call them invitations, Brenly just wants to announce it:) Uncle Chad proceeded to tell her that Pump it Up was his FAVORITE place to have a birthday party and that he really wanted to have his party there...Brenly quickly agreed and said that her favorite thing at Pump it Up was the big slide...Uncle Chad quickly agree and said the slide was his favorite as well...Uncle Chad says...then we are just alike because we like the very same things...Brenly says, "Yeah Uncle Chad, AND we both LOVE Alavama too! That makes us REALLY alike (at this point, I am completely over the conversation...He knows that we have already forbid her to like such NONSENSE..and he continues to encourage such disobedient behavior!)
So later we head to Walmart (before the snowstorm) and we park in front of this car that had a silver license plate that had a big maroon B-A-M-A on it! Brenly quickly noticed the trash on the front of the car and asked, "mommy, what does that spell" I look at her and said...It spells POOP! She said, "NO it doesn't because POOP starts with a 'P' and a 'B'...(side note...I HATE the fact that my child is getting TOO smart and I can't pull simple things over on her any more, what am I going to do when she starts school in the fall!) Anyway, I proceeded to tell her the truth "it says BAMA...the team that we DON'T like and she starts snickering and said...Me and Uncle Chad do...cuz we are JUST ALIKE (heaven help me if you have a minute...me raising a child that is just like my bro...could send me over the edge...It did for momma!) SO in case you didn't know it...I am raising my my brother's twin!


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Ha! This story made me laugh out loud!