Monday, March 2, 2009


What a crazy week in Memphis, as far as weather is concerned! Last week is was 70, this weekend it was FREEZING and snowing like crazy! It started Saturday afternoon and at around 7:00, Brenly just couldn't stand it any longer and she was ready to get out in it! We all get bundled up (Brenly, Avery and I) and headed out the door! The wind was so strong and it was still snowing pretty hard, so Avery was NOT happy about it! She was fine for about 5 mintues and then she was ready to go back in side.

I put Avery back inside with Ray and that made her mad (she did NOT like it outside, but did NOT like it that we were still out there playing...Its hard to make decisions when you are only 2 years old!)

Brenly and I had a big time...we immediately had to start making a snowman...and the 'we' in that statement ended up being an 'I' real quick! She was excited about it, but was over how long it took to get it made!

Finally after being out in the elements, I told Brenly that is was time to get inside...She was very apprehensive to go inside, because she feared that all the snow would be gone before morning...Let me assure you...IT WASN'T...

I am convinced that it just snows alot more out in the country...or maybe that it's just that I have never lived out in the country when there has been a snow storm...we got at least 12-14 inches...and there were places where it was up to Brenly's waist!

Avery struggled just to walk in it, it was way over her knees she was again frustrated with all this white stuff! Because church was cancelled, we were able to play all day, although it was necessary to come inside and put EVERYTHING in the dryer and suit back up to go enjoy all of the snow again!

Thank you Lord, for all of the beautiful snow...and thank you for the fact that it is suppose to be 72 degrees in 2 days :) The best of both worlds...and because of it, we should all have the flu by Friday:)

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Misty LaDean said...

WOW yall DID get a lot of snow! how fun it was! yall looked like you had a blast... and i am gonna tell chad... POOH on him, he said the snow wasn't "packable" so we did not have a snowman! And I certainly was NOT gonna put MY hands in the snow to find out! LOVE the pix