Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An unusual comment..

from my oldest baby GIRL. Bubba (the other wildlife officer in Hardeman Co.) has been helping us do our yard work...He has one of those nice lawnmowers that allow us to get the grass cut in 2 hours (like the one above) as opposed to our walk behind lawnmower that would take us 2 days...Anyway, Bubba came over yesterday and started on our yard and had gotten about half of it done, when the bottom fell out...So he drove into our garage and parked it there, until today, so he could finish. After the rain subsided, the girls and I (Ray had to work the lake yesterday) went outside to pick up all of the debris that had flown around in the yard. On the way out of the garage, Brenly stops, looks at Bubba's lawnmower, checks out the front AND the back of it, goes around to the other side and says, (as serious as she could) "THAT SURE IS A GOOD LOOKIN LAWNMOWER" and then proceeds to go play in the yard...I am still standing in the garage...in shock...
#1 You are a GIRL
#2 You are 4 years old
#3 When in the heck did you learn what a good lookin lawn mower looks like!
Just when I think that I have heard it all, my little Bren comes up with something totally unexpected. Definitely keeps life interesting at our house. AND allows me to look at things in a totally different aspect...lawnmowers...good lookin...I DON'T KNOW!!!


Amy said...

That is exactly why they came up with the show "Kids say the Cutest Things!" I really do wonder where they come up with stuff sometimes.

Keren said...

Oh my goodness Kim .. you have a TomBoy on your hands FOR SURE!! Who knew that pretty little girl would be so also be in touch with her masculine lawn mower!!