Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Honey Pops

I had just gotten home from Hot Springs...MiMi (Ray's mom) stayed with the girls at our house and obviously spent alot of time outside -which is great, Brenly LOVES it!- however now my child knows more about the plants and trees growing at my house than I do...You see, MiMi has a green thumb...I DO NOT! If it has a trunk and some branches with leaves on it...It's a TREE, right? Not to MiMi...Little did I know that we have peach trees, cherry trees, mulberry trees, blackberry bushes...I mean we have an orchard and I didn't even know it! Ray was walking past one of the many trees in our yard and Brenly called out to him, "Daddy, you passed the peach tree" So i suppose that Brenly is going to become our resident botanist! It was really funny we were walking in the backyard and she asked if I wanted to go see the HONEY POPS...I looked at her, not knowing what she was talking about (figuring that MiMi has coded all of these bushes, cuz I certainly don't know any of their names)and she said...You know those flowers that you suck the honey out of...She was referring to the Honeysuckle vine that we have beside our house! So we all proceeded to go to the side of the house and eat honeysuckles...YUM! One of my most favorite past times! So if any of you need to know what kind of plant, tree or bush you have in your yard...We will hire her out, so she can teach you everything her MiMi has taught her! She is pretty smart!

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Anonymous said...

so we have a veggie garden, you have a garden of eden... we can swap!