Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness!

Wow, this has been some week! It has been alot harder than I thought! Watching your baby be in lots of pain hasn't been easy...but God is slowly healing her throat and allowing her to get back to normal! I am really ready for this to be over with! But through this whole ordeal, God has shown me how important friends and family are...Events like this just aren't possible without their help! We have had so many people that have prayed for us, called or emailed us to check on her, brought her presents, basically people have gone way out of their way to make sure that Brenly knew that she was loved!
-Jaime, from my work. gave Bren 2 coloring books and a box of new crayons
-Gran allowed us to spend the night before surgery so that we wouldn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn
-Gran and KeKe went shopping and bought Brenly new pj's and a new movie
-Neicy gave Brenly a bag full of goodies...coloring books, pens, paper,
-My dad and Brother came to sit with us while Brenly was getting her tonsils removed (and Chad brought bubbles with a bubble machine, a stuffed puppy dog and 3 Veggie Tales movies)
-Mrs. Misty came to the surgery Center and brought Spot (our most beloved stuffed animal that we forgot in her car) so that she would have him as soon as she woke up...and brought a bag full of goodies...flavor-ice, coloring book and a magazine for me:)
-Mom (Ray's mom) drove in late Tuesday night after a busy week, so that Brenly would know she was here!
-we got phone calls, emails, and text messages from lots of people...I'm sorry that I can't list them all, I am afraid I would miss somebody...You know who you are! It certainly wasn't the stuff that meant the most it was the fact that so many people cared!
AND not that any one act of kindness is any better than another, but this was really sweet...
A friend of mine, Wendy, had called to check on Brenly Tuesday afternoon and I was so busy trying to care for the hurting that I never called her back... Today (Thursday) we were sitting at home (keep in mind that we live in BOLIVAR, for heavens sake and that we are NO WHERE near civilization) and I had just gotten up from laying with Brenly for 2 1/2 hours (and when you aren't sick, it is REALLY HARD to stay in bed all day long!) and I looked out the window and told Ray that someone was driving into the driveway (totally expecting for it to be someone that had killed a turkey:) and I looked closer and it was Wendy and her 2 children. She had driven all the way from Arlington to my house to bring Brenly some Popsicles and some Kool-Aid. She said that she had to come without calling because she knew that I would put up a fight not wanting her to come out because we live so far away! It was one of the sweetest things ever. You will never know how much a random act of kindness will mean to someone until someone performs a random act of kindness to you! It really meant the world that she would take the time (and it does take LOTS of time) and energy (physically and chemically, esp with gas being so stinkin expensive) to drive out here to check on all of us! I was happy to see her face (remember that it is rare that we see anyone out here beside ourselves) and it did my heart good! She has reminded me exactly how important it is to show random acts of kindness...She is definitely a servant of God and certainly showed his unconditional love today! So remember, when you have the opportunity to show God's love, go out of your way to let someone know! She literally went out of her way...and it made all of us smile!

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