Friday, May 30, 2008

Please pray...

for Greg and Nicol Sponberg. I have never met this family (probably will never this side of heaven), however I feel like prayer works whether you know them or not. I came upon a blog several months ago and I have become very addicted to it! Todd and Angie Smith (Todd sings with the Christian group Selah) have been given traumatic life experiences, however they are the most devoted people I have ever read about. No matter what happens in this life...They love their God, trust Him with every aspect of their life, and realize that although plans haven't gone the way they would have like...God's plan is perfect and they cling to the cross to help them make it through each day! April 7th...Angie delivered a baby girl, Audrey Caroline...she was born with some genetic problems and only lived for 2 short hours before leaving this earth and going home to be with Jesus. Earlier this week, Todd's sister Nicol Sponberg, lost her 3 month old boy, Luke, to SIDS. The family has had their fair share of tragedy and so I ask that you go to Angie's blog and read their entire stories. Please pray for peace and comfort that only the Lord can give. Although we do not know these people, they are brothers and sisters in Christ and can definitely benefit from us interceding for them at this very tragic time.

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