Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They are GONE...but we have a ways to go!

Tuesday has come and gone, and so have Brenly's tonsils, however we are on a long road to recovery! Yesterday was rough on the baby girl! We went to Lebonheur Surgery Center and we had a really good experience. After getting checked in they called her back at approx. 9:15, and she got to go through the bunny tunnel, which was a small room full of toys. They let her pick out one prize before heading through the "Magic Doors". You will never guess what my sweet precious little baby girl picked out for her prize...a stinkin DINOSAUR...Are you kidding me? Out of a room full of toys and my GIRL is going to pick out a HARD, PLASTIC, DINOSAUR!!! and it is an ugly one no less! So off to surgery she went, with no tears I might add (from either of us! She didn't call and neither did I, aren't you proud...well, you should be!) After about an hour, Dr. Duncan came in to inform us that everything went as planned and she was in recovery. He said that they were some massive tonsils...DISCLAIMER---if you have a weak stomach skip the next line...He said that when he squeezed her tonsils yellow stuff squirted out like a can of spray cheese...GROSS ME OUT! Point being that this was definitely something that had to take place although recovery hasn't been fun! When we went to the recovery room and nurse was rocking her and let me take over. Brenly wasn't thrilled that her throat hurt, however she was NOT happy about the blue thing in her arm (the I.V. was still in her arm to give her fluid for the next 2 hours!) She was complaining about something and so I asked her what hurt...She said "MYSELF" Basically anything and everything was bothering her! After we left the hospital, we drove home and laid her in our bed. I had the felling that the next couple of days she was going to be very needy and boy was I right. She was getting real nauseated and feels like she needs to throw up...and has 3 times (can you imagine throwing up over a RAW throat...YUCK!) Once yesterday while she was standing over the potty, she started crying, saying that it wasn't coming up. I picked her up and she just started crying big alligator tears said, "I'm just having a BAD DAY!" God bless her sweet little heart! Last night was rough and we were up alot. They put her on hydrocodone for pain and I think that it is upsetting her stomach. So today, I called the dr. and they prescribed some the form of SUPPOSITORIES!!! I did NOT sign up for all of this, however I reckon she didn't either. So after that whole procedure she is feeling some relief from her stomach and she actually asked for and ate a biscuit with grape jelly! She is drinking alittle which the dr. said was very important so that she wouldn't get de-hydrated!
I must admit that this whole ordeal has also taught me something...That I MISS when my girls aren't around acting like their loud, laughin, normal selves. (Avery spent the night away from home last night so that I could focus on Brenly) It has been TOO quiet around here and I am ready for things to resume to normal...AND although our normal is far from that...It is something that I have longed for in the past 24 hours...
Things that I miss...
-being interrupted on the phone
-having accompaniment in the bathroom
-going outside and playing with both of them
-giving baths
-typing this blog and not having random letters in it, because Avery's little fingers are reaching over the kepboard
-not fixing juice cups for both of them
-wrestlin with both of them on the bed
-Avery's temper tantrums
-Brenly being the big sister that calms her down
-having a messy house (I cleaned yesterday and it is still clean...too clean-no toys no dirty clothes)
-my happy, healthy babies

I complain about my duties as a mother sometimes, things get overwhelming however, You don't realize exactly how much of that is your life until it is gone and it hits you that you want reality back...

Lord, I ask that you be with both of my babies. Allow "normal" to return soon. I miss it!

Thanks to everyone that has said prayers for Brenly. I know that they are working!


Misty LaDean said...

It is "funny" how we miss the things we complain about so much! Hope it all goes as expected or better!

Amy said...

So glad that the surgery went well. I pray that Brenly is back to "normal" and so is life very soon. LeBonheur really does a great job with little ones. Keeping you guys in my prayers and sending hugs!!

Anonymous said...

I hate that she is hurting so badly... please tell Bren that I am thinking about her and hoping that she gets "all better" soon! I know that you and Ray are being great nurses (don't tell Ray I called him a nurse!)!! I am praying for you all! Please let me know if there is anything I can do! I am only a phone call (and an hour) away!
Love yall!


Doug and Jill Pierce said...

I hope Brenly will get better quick! I think your Dr. Duncan is the same allergist Elliott saw last year- older man, with a dry sense of humor???