Monday, March 3, 2008

What a weekend!

What a wonderful weekend to celebrate a birthday! Not just one, but two of them! We had a joint birthday party for Avery (who turned 1 on Feb. 9) and Brenly (who will turn 4 on Mar. 16th). This year has been a crazy one for us! Ray left for Police Academy on Jan 6th and was only able to come home on the weekends! With that in mind, we figured that one party would be easier than two! So that is what we did! And it was wonderful! Jesus gave us perfect weather, we had over 30 people that love us enough to drive out to Bolivar (in the middle of no where!) to celebrate with us, great food, great fun!!! I can't believe that our babies are now 4 and 1! The years have flown by and I am so grateful that they are in our lives! Both of them have given us so much joy...I have no clue where we would be without them! God has also blessed us with such a wonderful family...not just our immediate family, but with friends who have become family over the years! Thanks so much for being in our lives and loving all of us the way that you do! We all have an amazing weekend...and now I am in desperate need of a nap!!

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Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong- there HAD to be 100 people there... see that picture of Avery with the cake... I could not even see her close up cuz of all the people! It was a GOOD GREAT party and Jesus DID give you wonderful weather! Why is there not a picture of Vicky ball bonking Christy across the front yard is what I want to know!- Misty