Monday, March 3, 2008

Girls Night Out!

CJ being Jealous that he couldn't go with us to see Diego!The girls with their Jaguar Masks!
Kim and Lil' Kim (aka Brenly)
Misty and Lil' Misty (aka Maci)

I suppose that I should've written about our girls night out first..because it was Friday night before the birthday party...however I didn' this is out of order! Friday night we had tickets to go see Diego...I mean we could've gone to see Rascal Flatts, but who needs them when we got to go to the Orpheum and watch Diego and Dora save Baby Jaguar's growl!!! It was fun! It is amazing to see the girls faces when they found out where they were (we told them it was a surprise not until wee walked into the Orpheum sis they know where they were going!)So neat! Anyhow...So the Girls Night Out was a huge success...for Brenly and Maci at least!

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Anonymous said...

WAY better than Rascal Flatts... cuz of the joy and bickering between our girls! THANKS for inviting us! - Misty