Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Listening Ears

Tuesday night is gymnastic night for Brenly. She takes at RiverCity Gymnastics after receiving it as a gift at Christmas. The first night that she started she really struggled to pay attention. Coach Alana told the class that whoever listened the best would get a bracelet at the end of class. After an hour of instruction, it was time to award the best listener a prize...IT WAS NOT MY CHILD! She had a real hard time listening. There were so many other things going on in the gym that she could not focus on her coach. Although the coach was giving her specific instructions to follow, her mind was wandering...far from where it should be. The coach knew that for her to be safe, it was imperative that she pay attention and LISTEN. So every Tuesday night before class starts, I ask Brenly if she has her listening ears on. She quickly replies that she has them. Tonight after I checked to see if she was wearing her listening ears, I quickly thought about my listening ears...Do I wear my listening ears all the time? Do I listen to my instructor (God) and pay close enough attention to get all the proper instructions so that I will have a safe and rewarding life? HUH, the answer is probably not as well as I should. I get so distracted with what is going on in the world around me that my mind wanders far from where it should be and I miss out on all that God has planned for me! SO tonight my prayer for myself is that I will have listening ears, always paying close attention to the One who knows me best and wants whats best...My Father in Heaven!


sharaze said...

hey! I saw that you were blogging when I visited Faith's myspace! We have one, too! thecolleys . blogspot . com.

I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Wow for a second I thought I was on Beth Moore's blog... I mean, you are DEEP! You should be one of those devotional writers... that was really good!