Monday, January 26, 2009

"Sweets and Sassy's" least that's what Maci Dean (Brenly's best friend!)calls it...and that is where she choose to have her birthday party!

So imagine my precious Bren (the biggest tomboy I have noted in previous entries!) as she prepares herself to have to ENDURE one of the most miserable things in her life...Dressing up, getting her nails done, make up, sunglasses, scarfs, dancing (remember she has NO rythym---apparently a trait she picked up from her daddy and her MiMi:) AND a doing a runway model deal, strutting her stuff and having to pose three times! I mean, there just isn't much more that a tomboy could dread!! I had to have a SERIOUS conversation with her on the way there, "This is MACI's party, she is your best friend, you need to participate, have a smile on your face and for the love, just TRY to have a good time!" So we walk in, and it is all things GIRLY!!! Pink everywhere, boa's, nail poish, hair glitter, dresses...enough to make Brenly get sick even at the sight of it all! But she was a trooper...they took her back and let her pick out a dress...(ha...I can't help but laugh even as I type it!) and she finds one that is blue...(at least they have one that is her favorite color, I don't think she could have gone with a pink one!) The funniest part of that is that the only blue dress was the "Frilly-est" one there! They place her in the chair to get her nails done (she picks the lightest color in the box so that no one will notice that she has had to endure such pain:) she changes chairs and they start fixing her hair (keep in mind that she has a come apart when I try to even brush it and put a barette in...and she is sitting there patiently while they put half of it up in a pony tail?!?! My talk really did help!)

The girl asked if she wanted glitter and she winced and quickly nodded her head yes, truly hoping that the girl would NOT see her response...She loads Brenly hair up with sparkly glitter and now it is makeup time...Brenly again decided that she is going with the most neutral color...almost skin color :)
And not they get to have a freeze dance party (they play loud music and when it stops, you FREEZE!) So she quickly starts jumping up and down to resemble any form of dancing...with a smile on her face no less!

And now they start to practice their runway modeling...They must come from behind the beaded curtain, walk up the runway and pose three times (Brenly looks at me with a terrified look..."what's a pose?)

She does all of it very well, and even does the cutest "poses" ever! AND now for the real fashion show...sunglasses, scarfs, rings...the whole nine yards! It's showtime...They crank the music and she struts her stuff!

Absolutely precious..and I think she may have even enjoyed it...just a little, but don't you dare tell her that I told you so! She will deny it forever!

P.S. and I had to add one of Avery...she was too cute...She was just ready for the cake!


Anonymous said...

I love it... and I am with Avery... bring on the cake!


Misty LaDean said...

SO FUNNY! She totally cracked me up the whole time! I guess I really wear her out... even made her go to a girly party! And she did NOT like it, I asked A LOT and she NEVER said she did! :) Bless her sweet heart!

Amy said...

That just goes to show you that her and Maci Dean truly are BEST FRIENDS!! Because a tomboy would NOT have done that for just any old friend!

She looked adorable!