Thursday, January 22, 2009

She is healed...

Praise the Lord! Yesterday was very traumatic and emotional for all involved...however our prayers were answered and she no longer has bladder reflux!!
We were supposed to be at Methodist Germantown at 8:30 and the procedure was to start at 9:00. Everything was going as planned and they were right on time. They call us back to the xray/ultrasound room and I was FINE! We walk in and Avery can sense that "something" just isn't right! She asks if we have done this before, I nodded yes and she hands me a little bitty gown to put Avery in....Avery LOSES IT!! She cries like never before (over a gown...and it only went downhill from there!)Brenly is standing beside me and big ole' alligator tears are streaming down her face (because she doesn't want Avery to be sad!) Oh my goodness...So I have not one, but two children who are terribly upset...The nurse tells me that they are going to need strap Avery to the papoose board (its easier to use, less radiation, less traumatic-right?!, makes the procedure faster, etc....none of those excuses make it any easier for a momma!!) One of the nurses take Brenly behind the metal wall and I proceed to get her dressed in her little PEACH gown (did not go with the RED hair:) and they laid her down on that skinny (keep in mind that my kids are not) little board and strap her in...BLOODY MURDER!!! (this is when I LOSE it!) She was so mad (comes with that red hair territory) that she started arching her back, trying to squirm her way out of it! The nurses take a leg a piece and put me in charge of her upper body! I get to watch the HUGE tears, the blotchy face, the looks of agony ("Mommy, do you see what they are doing? and why aren't you stopping it?) and in the midst of all this of the nurses starts the catheter and the bloody murder screams gets louder and the fit grows larger! Avery starts SCREAMING, "BB (which is what she calls Brenly) HELT ME, HELT ME (interpretation, HELP ME!) PITIFUL! BROKE MY HEART!! So we are set to start the test...except that we now have wait on the radiologist...Are you kidding me? In the meantime, one of the nurses has gone to get Avery a bear from the "toy chest" and so I start asking her what she is going to name the bear...I go through every name that I can think of (I am sure that I mentioned your name...that is how long we waited!)I even threw in things like "I promise we can go to Target (my kids love does their mother!) and I will get you popcorn and an icee! I am trying anything that I can to get her mind of this most horrendous experience! He finally arrives and asks if I remember which side had the reflux (right, like I remember that, especially NOW!) So now he says that we need to call the Lebonheur Surgery Center (which is where we had the first test done) b/c he needs to know which side and how much of the contrasting soln. they used last time! For real? Just start this mess so that we can get out of here! They never heard back from the surgery center, so he proceeds on without that info (couldn't we have done that 15 mins earlier!) So he fills her bladder up to at least the size of a large cantaloupe (perhaps even a small watermelon) as I watch it on the screen (in my head, thinking...I wonder if a bladder has ever burst because her bladder was HUGE! They finally stop the drip (of contrasting soln.) and the nurse explains that she is going to start removing the catheter...HERE WE GO AGAIN...not that it ever really stopped, but the screaming and crying subsided "just a little"! The cath. is removed and Avery pees everywhere (well who wouldn't when they put liquid in your bladder the size of a cantaloupe!) and it shows that her reflux is completely gone! Jesus has healed her and we are getting out of there! The doctor mentions that the reflux is gone and her kidneys/bladder are functioning completely normal! Thank you Jesus!
We wash her off, clean her up, dress her and we are on our way to Target for some popcorn and an icee and all is well with the world!
By the way...Brenly was such a big sister, she tried real hard to brave, but it is hard to watch baby sister go through that! She got popcorn and an icee as well :)


Barbee said...

Praise God!!!

I have been there and I have cried with Meg so hard that our tears mixed to make a big puddle on the table. I know exactly how hard it is on everyone. I am so glad that she is healed and the ordeal is over with. I'll keep you in my prayers for continued health.

Anonymous said...

Poor Baby Girl... good thing her KeKe had to be at work. I would have gotten her off that board and probably taken out at few nurses in the process!

Avery Ray- You are precious and I am so glad that you know your big sister loves you and that Bren would have given anything if she could have HELT you!

Love You!

Amy said...

Bless all of you!! And so happy to hear that she is healed!!

I have had traumas like that with Gabrielle(although just with Tim and I being the upset ones, not a sibling who doesn't understand it). You are a strong woman!!

And I personally thing that board should be outlawed. Gabrielle took one look at it and screamed! She won't go anywhere near LeBonheur now without getting upset.

chariti said...

GIRL! I meant to ask you about this and then the craziness of the day overtook me. Forgive me? I'm so glad that she's been HEALED! PRAISE HIM! I am very sad she had to go through that experience though. And the "helt me!" OMG, makes me cry. You are a brave Mommy and I'm so sorry that you had to do that yesterday. I love you girl!

Shannon said...

Bless both if their sweet hearts. I'm in tears right now. Love you and glad to get your blog on my phone!!