Monday, January 12, 2009


at church?
Yesterday was a very traumatic day for Brenly in Sunday School...This is the first time (and certainly not the last!) that Brenly has gotten her feelings hurt because of what others have said about her!
I had just gotten out of my small group and was headed to Graceland to pick up the girls...on the way there Emma Willard ran up to me and said...Mom is in the room with Brenly, she is crying real hard because everybody was teasing her and Ethan about being boyfriend/girlfriend and she was really sad!
Let me back up the story alittle bit! Ethan Willard is related to Scott Willard who is Richie Willard's (uncle Richie...whom I have known since I was in the womb) brother. Brenly (as most of you know...) is the biggest tomboy in the world and so for all of her 4 (almost 5) years of life she has always "hung with the boys" (and Maci)!! Luke Willard (son of Richie) and Ethan Willard (son of Scott) and her have ALWAYS been big buddies...Luke got moved to the Kindergarten class leaving Brenly and Ethan to fend for themselves...and they are pretty tight...Peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, etc. you get it...If you see one, you see them both...Forget the fact that other people are in their SS class, because they only play with each other!!

(These pictures were actually taken by Mr. Matt and Mrs. Liz at Sunday School!)
Keep in mind that Ethan has 1 older brother and 2 older sisters...and so being teased is a NORMAL part of Ethan's little life! He is completely used to it..and it never really phases him...Brenly however doesn't have older siblings to tease her on a daily basis..which is where out melt down takes place!
Yesterday they were in class together...playing their normal games...Building guns to shoot Mr. Ben with (which is completely normal in SUNDAY SCHOOL!), being spies, putting together a dinosaur puzzle (all the normal things a 4 year old GIRL should be doing...but whatever!) Anyway...supposedly the "WHOLE CLASS" (or so Brenly says) was teasing her and Ethan about being boyfriend/girlfriend and it sent her over the edge...she was hysterical, wouldn't talk to any of the teachers about what was wrong...I really haven't seen her THAT upset in a long while! Carla (Ethan's mom) reached the class before I did and was sweet enough to sit in there and love on her until I got there! She told her that the friendship that her and Ethan has was very special...
I finally arrived and didn't help much! I held her, told her I loved her and tried to justify (not really justify, but explain their actions) why they were teasing her! She wasn't having any of it! We got Avery from her class and went to see Uncle Richie and Aunt Christy. He held her and loved on her and told her that next week, he would come in there and use his "Bart" (Richie's KidCity character) voice and talk to the kids about being nice...I then went on to tell her that Eli (Ethan's older bro.) would be in there 1st service and I would be in there 2nd service...I think after she knew we would ALL be in there next week, she was slightly comforted...but we shall see...
Don't let momma go in there and have to roll up her sleeves...Cuz' I'll do it...Nobody puts my baby in a corner! :)


Liz said...

Oh no! I am so sad by this!I was just thinking last week that I don't think I have ever seen Brenly cry or for that matter, not be perfectly happy. I hate that we werent there, but we had a friend get baptised at another church then Matt had to leave straight from there to go out of town so we had to miss it. Dont you worry though, next week Miss Liz will bust out the discipline if needed. We just cant have sweet Brenly crying! :0)

Anonymous said...

I know those kids do not want to meet Brenly's Keke! It would not be pretty... I would put a hurting on some 4 year old bullies (all with the Love of the Lord, of course)!

I love you Bren! You smile pretty and look at the other girls and say... you wish you could have as many boyfriends as me!


Amy said...

Poor baby!!!! I so dread the day that a group of kids do that to my little angel (who won't be used to it either since she will be the oldest). I'm with you, they don't want me coming in there!!