Thursday, January 8, 2009

My sick baby...

is finally better (I hope and pray!) This past week and a half has been a rough one! WOW!! You forget how hard having a sick baby is until you have one and it last for over a week...SOLID! Last Monday, I went to get the girls on my lunch hour because I had to run some important errands Monday afternoon (and had to get there before dark :) and when I got to Denise's house...I picked Avery up and she felt extremely hot! I asked Denise if she had been sick and she said that she had been fine all morning, but that she had just woken up from a nap...maybe she was just hot from being under the covers...I leave there and head to Walgreens for some tylenol and motrin (just in case) I get back to work and she gets REAL fussy and clingy...and even hotter than before! We are getting ready to leave and she THROWS up ALL over and me and my scrubs! UUGGHHH, so I just figure that she is getting the stomach virus again (since we have had it 3 times in the past 4 months!) So we get home and my child has 103 I give her Motrin and actually get in the bathtub with her because she is sooo HOT...and lethargic, she could barely open her eyes or hold up her head...Bless her little heart! The fever seems to break a little and we were up all night with her! I got to work Tuesday while Ray stayed home with her and he said she seemed to be a little better...Get home from work Tuesday night and she is not looking good. Fever, Pasty skin, No appetite...Just plain YUCK!!! So I get up (Well I was already up because it was another one of those nights) and get to the dr. for early clinic! The Dr. says that she has a virus (I hate that word...there is nothing in the world you do for a virus except to let them feel terrible for several days!) but says that she is very congested, so he gave her a decongestant, cough suppressant, antihistamine...Which was REALLY strong and it wiped her out...literally! Poor baby...So from Last Monday to literally Tuesday, she has NOT been herself! But I think we have finally turned the corner and our Avery is back...However I think that she got used to all the attention...Yesterday (Wednesday- I was off!) and I was laying on the couch (she wakes up SO early, especially since I LOVE to sleep!) and she was laughing and playing watching Mickey Mouse and she walks up to me and has her eyebrows cocked alittle and says, "Mommy, I'n tick!" (translation: Mommy, I'm sick!) I cracked up laughing...She wasn't sick but needed me to treat her as if she was! I think we have a drama queen on our hands!
Welcome Back precious Avery...we certainly missed "you" while you were sick!

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