Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleep deprived...

because of Dora?!?! If you have read my previous post, you will understand that I have survived many sleepness nights due to my sick baby...I also need you to understand that I LOVE SLEEP and miss it greatly (seeing as how you never get enough sleep when you have children!) so last week was pretty hard...sick child is bad but no sleep on top of it is WORSE!
So Tueday night I put both girls to sleep and fully expect to sleep through the night (Avery was FINALLY feeling better!) I was anticipating a great night of sleep...That idea got shot down when first Avery start crying at about 3ish am! She is coughing and choking on I get her up, head to the kitchen to fill her up with that pretty strong cough medicine (as advised by my pediatrician--I don't drug my kids for no reason...although there are days...) and it takes a while for her to relax and get back to I roll back in the bed at approx. 4:00-4:15ish! Just get comfortable when my OTHER CHILD...Brenly hollers out for me...MOMMY, MOMMY, etc...(ARE YOU FOR REAL?! I have already spent an hour and 15 min. of my precious sleep time with one...and now the other one needs me! So I reluctantly roll out of the bed for the 2ND time to check on Brenly! I crawl in bed with her (because it is cold and I am too tired to stand beside her bed and find out what is wrong...and perhaps I could get in and she would fall back asleep alittle faster, which means I would get more sleep as well!) She feels me crawl in and she says (completely still asleep...) Mommy...I just saw Dora!! (oh my goodness, I have gotten woken up again, gotten out of my bed, only to hear that you have seen Dora?!?!) I pat her on the back and say, "that's great honey...are you okay?" She replies (Keep in mind that aside from loving sleep...I DO NOT speak in the morning..until I am fully awake...Everyone around me KNOWS that you have to give me several minutes...Okay quite a while, before you start having full blown conversations with me !)"Yes, Mommy, I just saw Dora...and then when I turned around MiMi was there, and then Dora handed us a map, so we will know where we are going and...etc...Okay, alright, enough already, go back to sleep, Precious Angel! Perhaps one to many Dora shows, ya think!

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