Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Modern Day Miracle...

and I got to love on all of them!!

A few weekends ago, I got the opportunity of a lifetime...to lay my eyes on one of God's modern day miracles...If you have followed my blog at all you will remember this post or this post...when I was asking for LOTS of prayers for the Jones' Family...after a very scary labor/delivery at 28 weeks (Becca weighed 1lb. 11 oz.) Julie suffered from some very MAJOR medical complications in which she ALMOST didn't make it...I vividly recall on 3 separate occasions that the doctors told us there was no more hope...that she wasn't going to make it...However after a caringbridge website was set up and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of prayers were said...God had a different plan...and that plan was to produce a HUGE modern day miracle!
I cannot believe that 9 months ago, we were praying for GOD sized miracles and just a few weeks ago...I was holding/hugging those miracles! God is SO good and if you ever doubt that, feel free to go read the ENTIRE journal of what this family has endured...and owes ALL of the glory to God!
I know that through this journey I have learned ALOT...about myself, about who God is and about the body of Christ!
-Myself- I have learned that too often I tend to say one thing and believe another...Oh, we say that God is good and that He can perform miracles, but do we believe it...I can honestly say that I fit into that category...I have too often "watered" down the mighty power of God! I tend to put God "in a box" not totally believing all of the things that I "say" about him! This experience has totally shattered all those misconceptions...I believe in God and his POWER more than ever before...God is mighty and is very capable of doing the Inconceivable...because He is God! I also learned that never in my life have I "known" what praying without ceasing meant...until now! I prayed every second of every minute of every day...I would wake up in the middle of the night and start praying...It consumed my every waking minute...and what an amazing feeling that was...to be in communion with my God that much! My hope is that my prayer life will continue to get stronger (without the necessity of praying for something so life threatening) that I can learn to pray without ceasing about the everyday things in life...How much easier would my life be, if I STAYED in constant communion with God!
-The body of Christ...WOW! It has been so awesome to sit back and see the body of Christ at work...People from ALL over the world were praying for Julie and I truly believe the Jones' Family felt every single one of them! There were of course the people that know and love the Jones' but even more amazing was that people who have never seen/heard of them were spending hours in prayer for this precious family...I had calls from all over, asking how they could help! What a powerful testimony of coming together for one cause...I pray that I can be a person that is willing to pray continually for those that I don't even know!
I can honestly say that this experience has truly changed the way I live, the way I think and the way I believe! May it be a marker in my life that shows that I TRULY believe God for who He is, what He does and how mighty he is!!


Amber Williams said...

Awesome awesome awesome!! Truly a miracle! Thank you for sharing their journey with us!

The Neely Family said...

Kim, It is truly amazing! AND I will NEVER hear the word miracle again and not see those faces in my head. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!