Thursday, June 11, 2009

A wedding to remember...

at least that is what my daughter tried to do!! UGH, leave it to my child to be the major distraction during this blessed occasion
...So Brenly decided at the last minute that she would rather go fishing with Grandfather than to get "dressed" up and go to the wedding (That should be NO surprise to any of you!) So Chad and I get the other two girls (Avery and Baylee) dressed up and head to the wedding (As horrible as it is, my batteries in my camera died so we have no pictures from the occasion, but I guarantee that the memories of the day will be forever etched in our brain!)

This picture is from the night before but there expressions do the story great justice!
We arrive Cheekwood Botanical Gardens at approx 6:15, because there was no need to arrive early we have two children the age of 2 (well almost, Baylee has a birthday coming up!) It is an outdoor wedding and the location is beautiful...It was a gorgeous day, flowers were everywhere, deer grazing in the background...a picture perfect day for a picture perfect wedding (that is until Avery arrives :) I walk up to one of my cousins (who was a groomsman) and explained to him that Chad and I needed to be on the back row...After all we have these small children...He looked at me and laughed, as if to feel sorry for us, and said, "well, sorry but the only row that is left is the second one from the front, right behind the mother of the bride (who is also my cousin but still, US on the SECOND row!...just great!) So we are seated and the time comes for the wedding to start...
We had threatened both of our angels, trying to explain to 2 year olds, why it was necessary to be silent...not that they understood, but we felt it necessary to TRY! Right at 6:30, the music plays and the wedding starts...grandparents, the moms, the groomsman, the groom the bridesmaids...everything was beautiful, the sun was setting, the temperature was becoming tolerable...and then we saw her...The bride...absolutely beautiful...walking towards the "congregation"....we proceed to stand to watch her make her way to her groom, the one God has chosen for her...I was holding Avery so that she might be able to see what was going on and she (keep in mind, she is my RED headed child, in every sense of the word!) decides that "I do it myself"!! She wanted to stand on the chair by herself...Normally, this would be a battle that I might fight, but because of the situation...As to not get loud and start a fight with her...I gave in...and she stood on the chair...That is until, Brandi got right beside our row (remember, we were on the stinkin SECOND row!) and my child proceeds to shift her weight and fall through the back of the child...hitting her head and pinch her finger in between the folding chair!!! She proceeds to let out the loudest blood curdling scream anyone has every heard in their life! I quickly drop to my knees in my dress and cover her mouth (as to try a slight suffocation method...for is she suffocates, she will be quiet, right? --FYI, I am totally kidding, do NOT call child protective services...I LOVE MY CHILDREN and would never cause them harm!!) My brother finally leans over and says, "let her breathe and RUN!!!" I try to maneuver her back through the chair and make a run for it...but where am I to go...this is an OUTSIDE wedding...It's not like I can go anymore OUTSIDE to get away from the wedding...I was stuck, running in my high heeled sandals, on the grass, down a huge hill with my "SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS" child...MY blood pressure is about at stroke level...I feel SO bad that we have totally ruined THE MOMENT! But what was I to do...Praise the Lord that as we reached the bottom of the hill, there were 3 huge deer grazing and I told her that we had to be quiet so that we wouldn't scare the deer!! and just like that, she quit screaming...and we continued to watch the wonderful creations that God had placed there in that moment to save me from complete humiliation...I mean I was humiliated...don't get me wrong...but at least she only screamed bloody murder through the first 5 minutes of the wedding and not the entire thing...But please know that I miss the ENTIRE wedding...I am sure it was as beautiful as Brandi was...but I will never know...for instead of watching my cousin get married, I was able to watch 3 deer grazing in the distance...
**NOTE TO SELF...Never again will I attend an outdoor wedding with my children...until they are half grown...for the scars of humiliation that I endured that day will last for a while!

John and Brandi...we love you alot and pray that your marriage will be much more uneventful that the day of your wedding...thanks to my child..We pray that God will bless you immensely and we are very happy for the two of you!

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