Thursday, June 11, 2009

A weekend with the Deaton's...

or two of them, at least (we missed you Aunt Ronni) This past weekend was a BUSY one for us! Chad and I, along with the 3 girls headed to Nashville for our cousin's wedding (Congrats John and Brandi!) and you must know that when Uncle Chad is around there is fun waiting to happen...He picked us up around 5:30 Friday night and we headed to Casey Jones' Village in Jackson to eat...and there just so happened to be a miniature golf course there as we ate and played golf! LOTS OF FUN!

(That is Avery doing a little dance for hitting the ball, screaming "I did it, I did it!"

(Avery and Baylee LOVE each other...I love this picture!)

Me and ALL my girls! I love every single one of them more that they will ever know!

(This is a CRAZY raccoon that came up to us...He was alittle scarey!)

They got to feed the fish while we were there...Avery and Baylee loved the fish...MUCH more than they loved the golf!

The following morning we decided to go to the park to wear the girls out, so they would take a nap, so they would be decent for the wedding...(A totally different post will have to be written about the wedding...stay tuned!)

The next morning we were able to meet up with Lance, Sherri and Maggie and eat at Loveless Cafe before heading to Sharon, TN to see Granddaddy Jack in his new place!

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