Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where have I been...

you might ask (and then again...some of you may not care:) This has been one of the longest, hardest weeks of my life...I posted earlier that I had a friend from college who was in REAL BAD shape (scroll down to get all of the story!) I started a Caring Bridge page for her to try to recruit as many people as I could to pray for her...the outcome...

I have witnessed it right before my very eyes...It has been one of the most awesome know that a friend was in the most serious condition...hanging onto life by a thread...and that God has taken that situation and has slowly started to turn things around...

This is the update that I got to type this morning on her site..
(feel free to visit and leave an entry in the guestbook, she needs all the prayers and encouragement we can give her!

Can you believe it?! Of Course we can...Our GOD is so awesome...

You must know that Julie is almost at celebrity status at seems that nurses are requesting her because she has become so popular!! The nurse that she had last night was determined that she was going to get better...and she did!

*She has remained stable even after getting off most of medications, she is opening her eyes, and keeping them opened for a little longer each time.
* The nurse last night told her that she was at Vanderbilt, that she has had a rough week (is that an understatement or what!!!!) and they were trying to get her better so that she could hold that baby girl...and she visibly nodded, as if she understood what she was hearing!
*They are actually going to take the brain monitor off that measures her ICP (inter cranial pressure) because she has remained stable for so long!
*They are starting to remove alot of the tubes that are attached to her
*They are really monitoring her as they give her spongebaths and massages that Julie is able to maintain steady heart rate, pulse rate, etc...
*They checked her liver profile and it seems to be improving each time that it is checked (just keep in mind that it is going to take a LONG while until it is regenerated!)
*The doctors and nurses believe that she has "TURNED THE CORNER" and will remain stable, continuing to small advances with each passing day!
*BEN is looking and sounding better as well. He IS going to make the trip to Jackson this morning to see Becca! Ben's dad is going to drive him there! (I can't wait to hear about that reunion!)

Was that list like music to your ears! PRAISE THE LORD! I am so excited to see God's hands working in all of this! The power of prayer has been so amazing and it has been so awesome to see the answers being revealed to us!

Please promise to continue to pray diligently...although she has "turned the corner" the road before her is still long! She (as well as Ben and Becca) will still need our constant prayer and encouragement! If you haven't signed the guestbook at the caring bridge website...Please do so...They need to know exactly how loved they are and how many people have prayed for them.

*pray that Julie continue to remain stable
*pray that although she is coming out of sedation that she will not be scared or anxious...ask that God will calm her heart and let Him be in total control
*pray for the reunion of Ben and his precious daughter...that it will give HIM the energy and strength to keep fighting!
*pray that Becca will continue to thrive, growing each day!
*pray for little to NO infection
*pray that we continue to see glimpses of hope that God is giving to all of us on a daily basis
*pray that all of us are effected in a way that we will forever remember the miraculous healing power of a Mighty GOD!


I love you all and as soon as I will too!
Love in Him,
Kim Deaton McMillen<><

as soon as I posted this update I got an email from Karen Wright (Julie's aunt!) and just wanted to forwarded it to her own words!

Please post that Julie is alert & very responsive. I talked w/Ben just now & the Drs. think Julie may be turning the corner at last - there's still a long road ahead, but she's on the way. The ICP monitor is being removed today & perhaps some of the other connections. She's still being dialized & ventilated, but she will progress when the liver is more stable. AND, she has not seen her new "do", which will surely stir her. Becca was having some difficulty w/keeping formula down yesterday, & the nurses will go back to 1 tsp. feedings today.
Many, many thanks for keeping the updates posted & especially your prayers , good thoughts.
L & L,
Karen Wright

This week has taught me a huge lesson...and that is to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING"

I will be completely honest with you when I say this...I pray, often...but I don't think there has ever been a time in my life where every moment of my life has been in prayer...and then to see God answer those prayers, in MIRACULOUS ways! It has been powerful, to say the least!

And there is still alot pf praying to be done! But this week has reaffirmed the fact that MY GOD IS BIG!! and that we should NEVER place Him in box...He is much larger, and grander (I don't think that's a word...but is there a word to describe the greatness of our GOD!!!) than we can ever fathom!

I would love for you to continue on this journey of miracles that God is bestowing upon Ben, Julie and Becca!

The road is long and it will be hard, but God has already paved it...and with every paved street, you can expect a few bumps...We would be naive to think that we won't stumble upon a few of those! But we know that God is ever present, waiting for us, to pick us up, wipe us off and set us on the straight path again!

Thank you so much for loving me enough to love my friend and to pray for her and her entire family!

I am hoping to return back to my weekly blogging, but until then be sure to visit my other "blog"-at least for now!!


Kendall said...

God is absolutely beyong amazing! I cannot believe how He is using the situation to change my life. I am so incredibly greatful for all that you are/have been doing. You have so much love and strength. I am so glad that I can call you my sister - both in sorority and Christ :)

Just a quick fyi- you put .com on the site link, but it is .org. I know .com just comes out automatically.

Keren said...

That really is amazing!