Tuesday, August 26, 2008

URGENT prayer request

A good friend of mine,Julie Cossar Jones (from college at UT Martin) is going through a very terrible time right now and I am asking that you say a prayer for her and her family (Ben, Julie and Becca Jones)

here is an email that I sent yesterday...

I will try to do my best at explaining how this all happened...We have so many on our list now that not everybody is on the same page...Again...I might make mistakes and if that is the case, feel free to correct me!!

I got a text late Sat. night that said that Julie was having complications with her pregnancy (she was only 28 weeks preg.) and somehow I think that high blood pressure was involved!

Something happened and she went into labor and they had to do an emergency C-section..and delivered Becca (named after Julie's mom that passed away from cancer...)weighing in at 1lb. 11oz. and is 13 inches long at Jackson General...Becca remained there while they life-flighted Julie to Vanderbilt.
Ben went to Vanderbilt and his mom and aunt are staying in Jackson...
After Julie arrived at Vandy, they realized that her kidneys had failed and immediately placed her on dialysis. At some point they realized that her placenta had torn away form the uterus and caused major internal bleeding...when that happened...Her body's blood platelets couldn't keep up and they started attacking the liver (that is as best as I understand...again corrections are welcomed!) with that being said, I think the professional name for it is "Acute Fatty Liver Pregnancy" and it is very rare (1% occurrence...and Julie's case happens to be the worst that Dr.'s at Vandy have ever seen!)

That puts where we are now...lungs are not doing good and she is in desperate need of a matching liver ASAP!! and at last time I spoke with T-Lynn she is declining...

I hope this clears up any confusion about how this all came about!!

As of today, she is still waiting on the matching liver ASAP...They have paralyzed her from the neck down (with meds..and she is in a drug induced coma) and they are doing a CAT scan to try to determine the inter cranial pressure...The only cure for her is a LIVER!!

Thanks to Renee... We now have a picture of Becca Jones

...Isn't she precious!!
I just got off the phone with T-Lynn and she had just met with the doctors. (She says that she hates to call and give updates, because she feels like every new report conflicts with the one before...However we know that Julie is still critical and we have to expect some ups and downs as we travel this journey with her) That being said, these are the points that the dr. gave her this morning
*They were really hoping that she would progress on her own last night...They wanted to give her EVERY chance they could to pull through this...and she did not! However she didn't get worse either...
*They have gotten her stabilized...which was a big issue yesterday, she got real unstable late yesterday morning and into the afternoon...
*Liver transplant is the ONLY option at this point (which is what we thought last night!) The doctors have said that they agreed this morning that they were going to actively and aggressively search for a liver...It has to be the same blood type, same size and healthy...He did also mention that he was optimistic that they would find a liver (and he said that he wouldn't say that if he didn't think that it was true!)
*The neurologist has ordered a CAT scan...the ICP (I have no clue what this is...I am just typing what I heard!) in her brain is different on each side...Because she was having a problem with not clotting yesterday (meaning that her blood was sooo thin that they couldn't get her to stop bleeding at all!) they are wanting to check her brain for poss. bleeding
*Depending on the outcome of the CAT scan, will determine how actively and aggressively they search for a liver
*The lung issue from yesterday was a temporary setback and it seems to be doing better today!
*She still has NORMAL brain function (Praise the Lord!)
*they have increased the dose of BP meds to make sure they control the ICP (again...I have no clue!)
*The doctor will be back around noon (or sometime there after) and will hopefully know something about the CAT scan!
I hope that I have gotten all that out as clearly as possible...Again, I think that we need to stay focused on the positives, she has regained a state of being stable, she has NORMAL brain function, they are optimistic that they WILL find a liver, her lungs are better than yesterday, she has NOT gotten worse...We have alot to Praise the Lord about, yet we have alot to pray for! I ask that you pray without ceasing in the days and weeks to come. We all know that this will be a LONG road, but together as the body of Christ we WILL make it through it!

I love you all and as soon as I know..you will too!


Misty LaDean said...

Oh my! I will pray- what a sweet baby! I don't even know what to say...

Leigh said...

I will pray too. I have no words either. I am so sorry though and know that God will comfort them.

Jeff and Kim said...

Kim! I just realized you had a blog. We will definitely keep them in our prayers! Their little girl looks so strong!!!

Shannon said...

that is so sad and I will pray for her and their baby. at that young age their baby needs them too!!

Amy said...

My prayers are with them all.