Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is this sad stuff about?

So since the beginning of my prayer time with Brenly we have said the exactly same thing every night! I have posted recently we are working on our prayers, making them more genuine and personal and she has been doing pretty good (I mean we STILL have to say Dear Jesus...with each individual prayer request...and AMEN every time...but she is getting it!) Last night we had snuggled into her bed and we started the (what has turned into a 30 minute) process (which is fine...Jesus LOVES that we spend so much time with Him every night!) and we went through blessin everybody (under the sun) and then we got to the end of our specific prayers and we were wrapping things up...and since the beginning we have said at the end..."Thank you for this day, I am sorry when I make you sad, Sweet Dreams, Night Night, I love you Jesus...Amen! So we were saying that together and Brenly looks at me in the dark and says, "What's all this sad stuff about?" So we start a very in depth discussion about sin (on a level that she can relate to) and I explain that we aren't perfect like Jesus and so we are doing things ALL the time that make him sad..and that we should strive everyday to live like Jesus. She said, "well what makes him sad?" So I started listing things that Jesus might be sad about like, when you don't obey mommy and daddy, when you aggravate your sister ON PURPOSE, when you have a bad temper, when you say things that are mean, when you aren't nice to everybody, etc...She looked at me again and said, "Are we gonna say sorry for Avery cuz she needs it!" (Nothing like a little judgment and wrath of a big sister!) I did ALL that I could to keep from cacklin in her face! It was the cutest thing! I mean its fine that I list out the things that Brenly does to make Jesus sad, but by golly we certainly aren't gonna leave Avery out of this one! After trying to compose myself, Brenly quickly speaks up and says..."Avery swipes, she bites, she hits, she doesn't listen, she fusses..." I told her that all of those things were true and we needed to ask Jesus to forgive us for doing things that make him sad! And after asking for forgiveness Jesus wipes our slate clean and we get to start all over again in striving to become just like him...After a short pause she said, "Mommy what's a slate?" Never mind...Just know that we need to try to be like Jesus! Some things are easier to reword than trying to explain! Our prayer for you is that you figure out what makes Jesus sad and tell him your sorry! He listens, He loves you and he will wipe that slate clean! Whatever that means :) Praise the Lord


Misty LaDean said...

And now the tears are gone and I am laughing out loud! How adorable! AND she is like her mama, feeling the sins of everyone else for them cuz they are too much of a heathen to know it (this is talking about how God uses you to help your helpless friend, me!)

Shannon said...

that is so stinkin cute. And so much reminds me of Me and Madison. Don't you love bedtime and the wonderful talks. Madison is the same way. Wants to tell her life story before she goes to sleep.